3 Books That Help With Pet Issues


For those who know first-hand what it means to become a pet parent, they know it is no simple task. What initially may have been thought to be a walk in the park, is soon understood as owning an animal companion comes with a wide range of responsibilities. From training, to feeding, and everything in between, raising a pet takes time and effort to do the right way.

Understanding the behaviors and quirks of our pets, especially with dogs and cats, may be one of the first steps in being able to react and respond in a way that teaches them positive characteristics. However, many people struggle with truly realizing what their pet is doing or implying, therefore creating confusion and inconsistency in raising the animal. The three books below provide pet parents with comprehensive advice about their companions, and navigates them on how to respond in order to instill positive behaviors:

The Power of Positive Dog Training, by Pat Miller

Author and widely-renowned dog trainer, Pat Miller, believes that the traditional methods of negative reinforcement and punishment are an ineffective way of training your dog. In this novel, Miller outlines why these old-school tactics are more detrimental than beneficial, and sheds light on the advantages of positive reinforcement training. By providing information on everything from observing and understanding your dog’s behaviors, to specific positive reinforcement training tactics, this book is perfect for those with a new puppy looking to train their canine companion the right way.

CatWise: America’s Favorite Cat Expert Answers Your Cat Behavior Questions, by Pam Johnson-Bennett

Ask just about any cat owner and they’ll tell you how confused they are at their cat’s behaviors. Regardless of if you’re a cat parent, or curious about they act in such peculiar ways, CatWise is the book for you. Feline behavior expert, Pam Johnson-Bennett, sits down to answer all the questions you could possibly have about odd cat behaviors. By compiling a list of the 150 most pressing and common questions, this book will help you better understand the puzzling characteristics and activities your cat partakes in.

Modern Dog Parenting: Raising Your Dog or Puppy to Be a Loving Member of Your Family, by Sarah Hodgson

We tend to underestimate how similar the behaviors and mentalities of our canine companions are to us humans. The fact is, dog’s mental capacities are fairly strong, and for every action or reaction we have, they are taught a new behavior. Author Sarah Hodgson delves deeper into the subject of canine psychology, and outlines the extent to which observing, understanding, and knowing how to react, can play a major role in raising our dogs. The guide to modern dog parenting is crucial for those who have a new dog, or considering getting one.

Overall, despite the sometimes daunting tasks of pet parenting, the reality is that there is a fair amount of advice and information available to us. No matter the type of pet you own, or the specific challenges or knowledge you are looking to seek, turning to books similar to the ones above can help immensely in solving your issues.