8 Cats Who Were Famous Before The Internet Was Invented

Just like dogs, it doesn’t take much for a cat to become famous nowadays, if you have access to a camera and a good understanding of how social media works. But in the past, cats didn’t need to play the piano on YouTube to go viral. Here are some of the best known cats in history, before history went digital:

Catterina, the cat who owned Edgar Allan Poe

Writers and cats go together like pints of ice cream and spoons, so it’s no surprise that Edgar Allan Poe’s cat makes the list. While Poe wrote a terrifying (of course) tale called “The Black Cat,” his actual cat was a tortoiseshell, named Catterina. She reportedly perched on his shoulder as he sat down to write, probably to give him storytelling pointers. Catterina also tended to Mrs. Poe, who was losing a battle with tuberculosis, by lying next to her to keep her company until the end. Catterina reportedly died shortly after Poe himself died. Perhaps she was a figment of Poe’s imagination, or, more likely, he was a figment of hers.