8 Dogs Who Were Famous Before The Internet Was Invented

It seems like everyone’s dog has a dog Instagram account today, but dogs have been going viral for hundreds of years. Here are eight great canines known and loved the world over before the Internet was a thing.

Rin Tin Tin

This German Shepherd (and there are several on this list) was discovered on a battlefield in France during the first World War by an American soldier who took the dog home with him and trained him to act in silent movies. He ended up making almost 30 films over his lifetime and, according to Hollywood legend, saved Warner Brothers studio from bankruptcy before talking movies were even invented. He even has his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


In the 1920s, a Japanese akita named Hachiko was so faithful that he would meet his master, Professor Ueno, at the Shibuya train station every evening and walk him to the train the morning. The professor had a sudden attack at work and died. Hachiko waited for him to get off the train, and when he didn’t, Hachiko came back to meet the next day’s train. He continued to do this every day for almost ten years. This dog didn’t get a star, but he did get a statue at the train station and the love of the whole nation.