How Pets Make Us Better


Aside from simply being adorable and fun to have around, pets can have enormous impacts on our health and well-being. Spending time with and raising a pet, such as cats, dogs, and others, can be beneficial for mitigating the onset of certain diseases, and greatly improving our mental and emotional mindsets. The enhancing qualities that pets provide to our daily lifestyles is enormous, and should be considered when deciding whether or not to own a pet. Here are four specific ways that an animal companion will benefit you.

Stress Relief

It has been well-documented in various studies and experiments, that owning a cat or a dog can do wonders for stress levels. The simple action of petting them provides you with a positive and relaxing sensation, which can reverberate throughout your body. This relief consequently reduces blood pressure levels, and induces relaxation hormones to be released into the body.

More Positivity, Less Negativity

There is nothing quite like coming home after a bad day, only to be greeted by a rapidly wagging tail, out of control excitement, and unconditional love. Aside from the specific physical aspect of being engulfed with that much adoration, thinking about pets can reduce feelings of negativity within us. Studies show that those who own pets are better capable at dealing with negative social triggers, and emerge from the bad interactions feeling just as happy as they did before the negative experience.

They Make Us More Active

If there is one thing that pets crave more than anything else, it is our attention and affection. Sitting down and watching TV for the whole day suddenly is no longer an option, as your dog or cat does everything in their power to get you to play with them. Aside from the practicality of it, research also shows that pet owners tend to live more active and healthier lifestyles than non-owners, especially when considering the need for daily walks, playing fetch, or even going to the park to run around a bit!

They are Social Magnets

We are all guilty of this. Seeing the most adorable puppy from afar when walking down the street, and purposely maneuvering your way towards the owner, just to get a quick pet and some love. Well, it essentially goes without saying that pets attract immense amounts of attention and social interaction. Considering the positive impact that these daily interactions can have on one’s psyche and internal feelings, pets can act as magnets that bring around similar-minded, pet-loving people. They are not only natural conversation starters, but also signs to others that you are a more open and friendly individual, simply due to the nature of owning a pet and the responsibilities that come with it.

The impact that a pet can have on our lives goes far beyond many surface-level thoughts. Sure, having a companion around is a great thing, but the overall benefits of owning a pet reach much further than many think. Whether in terms of physical activity, emotional and mental stability, or social lives, pets tend to have a way of making us feel more well-rounded and at ease with our feelings and emotions. If you’re currently considering a pet, or have in the past, make sure these life enhancing factors are taken into consideration.