Is CBD Oil Safe For Dogs?


With marijuana derivatives now legal in many states, there has been an onslaught of new information and research on the uses of cannabidoil hemp oil, otherwise known as CBD oil.

Containing only trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary intoxicant in marijuana, CBD oil is non-psychoactive. It has been reported to have remarkable healing effects on people, relieving joint pain, improving sleep and easing anxiety – all without the drug effects of the THC in marijuana.

CBD oil is legal in most states, and in addition to CBD oil for humans, there is a wide range of CBD products on the market targeted toward pets. But is CBD oil safe for dogs, and does it really help?

The good news is, all the health benefits we humans can derive from CBD oil seem to be the same for our four-legged friends. Scientifically speaking, humans and dogs (or other mammals) tend to have the same general anatomy. We all have what is called an endocannabinoid system in our bodies, which is part of our nervous system and helps regulate things like balance, hormones and pain response. CBD impacts endocannabinoid function, which in turn can help other areas of the body.

While some veterinarians and other professionals remain cautious about the use of CBD oil, more and more are coming to accept it as a mainstream treatment option, often using it in tandem with more traditional medicines.

And while you should always consult your vet before giving any new supplements to your pet, take a look at eight ways CBD oil might be beneficial for your dog’s health.

1. Eases Anxiety

For pets who suffer from separation anxiety, travel fears or generalized anxiety disorders, CBD oil is purported to have a calming effect. A few drops of the oil in their food can help daily anxiety, help them sleep and even improve their appetites.

2. Reduces Obsessive Behaviors

CBD can help reduce excessive barking, pacing, repetitive licking or other obsessive behaviors. It can also help with issues such as fear of loud noises or car sickness.

3. Fights Cancer

CBD appears to have an anti-tumor effect and can stop certain cancer cells from growing. It works to improve the immune system and inhibits glioma cell growth. There has also been promising research done on how CBD may help improve the efficacy of traditional cancer treatments.

4. Treats Seizures

For pets, the medication that is often prescribed for epilepsy or unknown seizures can be very harmful to the liver and other organs, and the medications don’t always work. CBD oil has been found to be very valuable in treating humans with drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. A survey of parents who used CBD oil to treat their children cited a success rate of upwards of 80 percent in reducing seizures. Pet owners have seen similar levels of improvement when using CBD oil for seizures.

5. Relieves Pain and Inflammation

The use of CBD oil to treat chronic pain in both humans and pets seems to have a high rate of success. For issues such as chronic inflammation, including arthritis, CBD oil can provide both temporary and long-term relief.

6. Improves Sleep

Dogs who have trouble sleeping due to age-related health problems, anxiety or muscle aches tend to sleep much better with the use of CBD oil. Some owners will give the oil to their pets when they know there is going to be a thunderstorm or a loud event such as a fireworks celebration, which not only helps with anxiety, but also can help them sleep through the night.

 7. Diminishes skin and coat allergies

Pets, just like people, can suffer from allergies. They can be affected by both external factors, such as pollen or chemicals, or from more internal issues, such as the food they eat or hormone imbalances. CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory components help improve the redness and dryness associated with allergies, as well as reducing allergic reactions throughout the body.

8. Treats Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Recent studies on the use of CBD oil for animals with bowel issues have shown it to provide a reduction in symptoms and improvement in normal gut mobility for pets. It also can help prevent colitis and contains antibiotic properties.