How To Survive Heartbreak (and get over him quickly)

So, he dumped you and you’re still wondering why you didn’t see it coming… Being dumped hurts twice as bad because it also hurts the ego. No matter if you’re the dumped or the dumpee, you’re reading this because you seek answers to painful, sometimes unanswerable questions.

The simple trick to getting over someone who you love deeply has yet to be discovered. No self-help book in the world can magically erase that person from your mind. Time is cruel but it means well. In the meantime, there are steps you can take that will make sure you get over this person as quickly as possible. Here’s how I did it anyway.

Step: 1 Self Reflection

I self-reflected for a long time. After I got dumped by the man I thought I would marry, I wanted to be bitter and angry and blame him for everything wrong in my life, but instead I self-evaluated. What had I done to drive him away? What part had I played in our fading love and dwindling desire for each other? What had made him close off completely after several years of happiness?

Step 2: No contact

I followed the 30-day no-contact rule. That is, I tried not to talk, text or call him for 30 days. This does several things. It makes you look like you’re strong. Like you’re moving on and you got this! This also works for giving you both the space you so desperately need (even if it seems you don’t). This is important. You both need space otherwise you wouldn’t be in this sticky mess. At the end of those 30 days, are you still in love with him? If you are, then gradually begin contact.