11 Products Everyone Will Be Running For On Black Friday

This year Black Friday falls on November 23, 2018. For some retailers, the time between Black Friday and Christmas is when they make the most money all year. The term “Black Friday” is believed to have originated in the 1960s and was due to the traffic being so bad the day after Thanksgiving that police had to work in 12 hour shifts to maintain order.

Nowadays, Black Friday is the time that retailers can move into the “black” or profitable time of year for their businesses. It is the time where deals are the best they have been or likely will be for the remainder of the year. These Black Friday deals are expected to be worth braving the crowds and lines this year.


Televisions tend to be the most shopped for and heavily discounted item available during the Black Friday sales. If you can wait until Black Friday to replace your television, there will be deals available on all sizes and types. On top of the Black Friday pricing, many stores will have television “door busters,” where there a small quantity of televisions are available at an extremely low price.