7 Amazing Inventions Created By Women

Men have always claimed the reputation of being the big idea guys, the inventors. Between Edison, Tesla, and Galileo, men seem to take up all the room in the Hall Of People Who Create Stuff. But that’s so far from the truth. Women have contributed huge innovations and are responsible for some of the best reasons why it’s great living in the modern age. Here are seven amazing inventions created by women.

1. Car Heater

Although the invention of the modern car can best be traced to Karl Benz (of Mercedes Benz fame), we’ve seen what early cars look like: no roofs, no windshields (people wore driver’s goggles instead), and getting a face full of wind whenever you got into second gear.

It might interest you to know that the car heater was developed by Margaret Wilcox in the late 1890s. Not only did it keep the driver and passengers warm, it drew heat off the engine and made the engines less likely to overheat.

2. Windshield Wiper

Another great car innovation was created by Mary Anderson in 1903. When the windshield was eventually adopted as part of an automobile, in any kind of wet weather the driver would have to stop frequently to clean off the glass. Ms. Anderson designed and patented the little arm with the squeegee to do it for you.