7 Black Mirror Technologies That Already Exist


The new 7 Black Mirror Technologies That Already Exist technology below that mimics what’s being shown in the show “Black Mirror” will change the world enormously in the near future.

You might consider the sci-fi show “Black Mirror” a perfect glimpse into thedarker side of the future. However, some of the devices and apps you see in the series already exist.

1. Magic Leap
The Florida-based startup called Magic Leap is developing a device which incorporateselements of augmented reality with computer vision. A prototype of the hardware impressed investors so much that the company received $4.5 billion in funding from major Silicon Valley players led by Google.
Magic Leap is going to be a much more elaborate alternative of Google Glass and the Oculus Rift.
Unlike the Oculus Rift that projects different images to each eye that focuses on the flat screen right in front of them, Magic Leap generates 3-D patterns of light rays.
This allows your eyes to focus on the depths of artificial 3-D objects just as they would in the real world. An approach like this can provide a far more realistic illusion of virtual objects merged with the real world. The device can give you a taste of visiting “San Junipero,” a virtual paradise city featured in Episode 3, Season 3.