Apple iPhone X Explained

So, what’s all the excitement about the iPhone X?

The price.

That’s what the people who don’t want you to buy an iPhone X want you to think about instead of what the new iPhone X can do. Apple stands behind their quality, and their quality supports their pricing.

An advertising salesman I met once had this printed on the back of his business card: “We have no quarrel with the lower prices of our competitors. For who better than they know the value of their product.”

This, for me, is the position of Apple. So the iPhone X broke the four-digit price for smartphones.

$999 for the 64 GB

$1,149 for the 256 GB

Big deal! Yeah, I know that’s a bigger bite for a smartphone than we’ve seen before, but it’s the apex product. iPhone X is Apple’s top of the line. I’m not a rich guy, and it’s a big bite for me, too, but the technology in this phone should outweigh the price for those rich enough in talent to use it.

It’s not like this is being made for the 1% who can buy things you and I can’t. For just $200 more, you can buy the same quality phone as the guy with a billion dollars. Sure, he can put gold and diamonds on it, but he still has the same capabilities you have. And he’s probably not going to use most it much beyond calling, texting, and entertainment. He bought it to have. You’re buying it to use.