Is It Safe To Invest In Tech?

Over the past decade, the most popular technology companies coined the FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google) have continually gone up in the stock market, rewarding their investors quite nicely with their huge returns year after year.

A recent article by City A.M. stated that these FANG companies are up over 50% per average per year. These are not the only technology companies that have captured the adoration of Wall Street. Other popular tech companies have done equally as well.

The technology sector looks extremely promising, but is it safe for investors to put their money into it? The technology sector went through a bubble and subsequent burst in the early 2000s. Some predict that the same situation is inevitable.

However, tech giants such as Apple and Microsoft persisted throughout the depression and turned into mega-tech giants.

Here are some ways that you can safely invest in tech and avoid the next bubble.