The Case Of The Case

What can fly, help you defend yourself in a bar fight, show you the stars or microscopic life up close, open a beer bottle, pour you a drink from its storage area, or be 100% compostable? Whatever that is, I think I want one. Well I may have to get a few, as these are some of the amazing abilities of today’s smartphone cases.

Since the beginning of time, or a little over 10 years ago when smartphones became the rage, smartphone owners protected these devices with bits of plastic that seemed to do little to protect the phone and somehow always cost $29.99.

Back then, the smartphone was the item of innovation with thousands of ways to do things you could never do before. You could take a selfie and search the Internet and phone someone while searching the Internet and taking a selfie, or use your coin flip app to decide who to phone while taking a selfie, while searching the Internet and playing your Cowbell app. The possibilities were endless.

But now there’s a whole new world of uses for your phone and one of them is to put it in the coolest smartphone case you can find. These cases protect your smartphone and they also do stuff.

Sure you could be, “That Guy!” who has the solid gold smartphone case with a $14.5 million dollar, 26 carat black diamond home button, but wouldn’t you rather have one that can fly?