15 Tips For Taking Perfect Travel Pics With Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is the easiest way to capture amazing moments and unforgettable feelings while traveling – but more times than not the image doesn’t really capture what you were hoping for. Most devices cannot boast elaborate sensors and professional lenses like DSLR cameras, however, there are ways to overcome these shortcomings and take fantastic shots.

Cole Rise is a famous traveler and photographer on Instagram who created Rise, one of the most popular Instagram filters. His images stand out because of their “unedited edited” look. Below, Cole shares his secrets to subtle editing and taking DSLR-worthy images with a phone camera.

1. Brighten Shadows And Tone Down Highlights

The majority of photo editing apps include options to adjust highlights and shadows. Use them!

To enhance this landscape photo, Cole balanced the exposure by brightening the shadows and darkening the highlights. He also took advantage of the Winsy filter from the Litely app to bring out the image’s warm hues.