5 Great Lesser-Known Getaways


Looking to plan a trip sooner than later? Many travelers make the mistake of gravitating toward tourist-heavy locations they often hear about in the news or from their friends. If they would have just looked a little deeper, they would have found that there are plenty of lesser-known getaways out there that are more affordable and often have even more amenities than their popular counterparts. If a trip is on your horizon, consider these five alternate locales.

Instead of Vegas… Try Reno

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas are irresistible to those who love a good game of Blackjack or a mind-blowing live show. Las Vegas is overly commercialized, though, and gone are the days when you can get a $5 prime rib or a cheap room. Instead of heading to the most famous city in Nevada, try one that is lesser-known: Reno. Reno still has plenty of gambling options, but it also has the added benefit of gorgeous Lake Tahoe just an hour away, much less traffic, and 15 nearby ski resorts. With a rich history and the iconic Truckee River Walk, Reno is the perfect getaway for couples who want to play cards and relax in a laid-back and friendly city.

Instead of Disney World… Try Bowling Green, Kentucky

Every parent has considered taking their kids to Disney World as part of a complete childhood experience. Many families, however, are balking at the high costs and huge crowds that come with a Disney vacation or they’ve already experienced what Disney has to offer and are looking for something different. If you want amusement parks and entertainment, you should look at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Home of the Beech Bend Amusement Park & Splash Lagoon, Bowling Green has plenty of activities for the kids. It also features the National Corvette Museum for the car enthusiast, Historic Railpark & Train Museum, and the Corsair Distillery for parents to tour (and taste).

Instead of Napa Valley… Try Oregon Wine Country

Wine-lovers around the country are familiar with California’s Napa Valley, but it’s no longer the only game in town. There are plenty of wine country areas all over the nation now, and one you should put on your list is Oregon. Starting south of Portland and extending down to Medford, Oregon wine country has plenty of top-notch wineries paired with beautiful countryside and inexpensive lodging. With more than 60 wineries, Oregon may have far fewer sites than Napa’s 400, but their locations are not overrun with tourists. This area also has plenty more to visit including the Harry & David chocolate factory, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and tons of local restaurants to satisfy any foodie.

Instead of Mexico… Try Puerto Rico

A Mexico vacation is a great choice for anyone who wants a low-cost getaway to a country that is always warm and welcoming. If you want something a bit more exotic, though, you should take a look at Puerto Rico. Not only does Puerto Rico have the signature sand and sun you crave, but it’s also a commonwealth of the United States. This means no pesky currency exchange or need for a passport. As well as being easier than Mexico, Puerto Rico also has plenty of tourist attractions like Old San Juan and El Yunque, a subtropical rainforest open for hiking and sightseeing.

Instead of New Orleans… Try Kansas City

Jazz lovers have always flocked to New Orleans for the amazing live music and rich history of this southern jewel. Many don’t realize there’s a Midwestern option for jazz and barbecue settled in the heart of the U.S.: Kansas City. Home to the 18th & Vine Jazz district and the legendary Charlie “Yardbird” Parker, Kansas City boasts The American Jazz Museum and plenty of jazz clubs to satisfy any audiophile. Creole food may not be as abundant here as in NOLA, but you’re sure to find plenty of mouth-watering barbecue and can tour famous breweries like the Boulevard Brewing Company.

Instead of Aspen… Try Park City, Utah

Ready to hit the slopes this winter? Many think that Colorado is the place to go and often choose Aspen for its prestige and popularity. If you’re looking for an alternative without the steep price tag and loads of tourists, though, you should consider a different state. Park City in beautiful Utah still has the quaint village feel and plenty of slopes, but has lower prices that are appealing to families and those on a budget. If you don’t like crowds, avoid January when the Sundance Film Festival occurs, but early or late winter getaways here will be sure to satisfy everyone in your party.

Trying to decide on your next vacation spot? Instead of going with the popular or tried-and-true, think outside the box and go with one of our lesser-known travel destinations. You won’t be disappointed!