5 Ways Uber Has Changed Our Lives


Uber has changed the behaviors and roadways for generations.

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp dreamt up Uber when they had difficulty hailing a cab in Paris back in 2008. Less than a decade later it’s changing global transit. “Uber’s mission is to go to every major city in the world and roll out an elegant, efficient transportation system. I like to think that Uber is creating a new way of getting around cities,” Kalanick says.

Uber is doing more than that; it’s helping people in big cities come together, and in more ways than you’d think. Here are the 5 most impressionable aspects of this leader in modern public transportation that humorously make us realize we’re not all that different.

1. We Party Again: “I’ll have another. I’ll just call Uber.”

DUI consequences aren’t becoming lax anytime soon. But now there’s a safe alternative to believing you’ll only have one.

2. We’re Not as Poor as We Thought: “I knew he/she couldn’t afford that car!”

That person you know whose car payment is almost as much as your rent? They now have a big, fat sticker that says they need supplemental income. It’s all about choices.

3. We Take Chances: “I’m writing a script while I drive for Uber.”

Uber offers men and women a flexible schedule to do things they may not be able to do with a more traditional work routine. And in cities full of artists like Los Angeles or New York, you can actually have an intelligent conversation with your driver instead of complaining that they don’t speak English.

4. We sit next to one another: “I’ll hop up front.”

Uber offers “Pool” where you may ride along with other passengers to or from your trip. No one ever seems to mind sitting up by the driver since they don’t seem like serial killers. And you sometimes even chat it up with nice locals.

5. Dating is A Lot Easier: “My Uber’s here. Bye.”

Your Uber driver can come to your rescue so that you can bail on a bad date, or it can get you to a location you’d prefer not to drive to when you don’t quite trust a pickup from a new person just yet. Let’s not forget that there are a lot of decent looking drivers, too. Maybe you’ll get a ride and a date. With Uber Eats now,  you already know these drivers own a car, have a job, and can bring you food. I mean… I’m just saying.