5 Ways Uber Has Changed Our Lives

Uber has changed the behaviors and roadways for generations.

Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp dreamt up Uber when they had difficulty hailing a cab in Paris back in 2008. Less than a decade later it’s changing global transit. “Uber’s mission is to go to every major city in the world and roll out an elegant, efficient transportation system. I like to think that Uber is creating a new way of getting around cities,” Kalanick says.

Uber is doing more than that; it’s helping people in big cities come together, and in more ways than you’d think. Here are the 5 most impressionable aspects of this leader in modern public transportation that humorously make us realize we’re not all that different.

1. We Party Again: “I’ll have another. I’ll just call Uber.”

DUI consequences aren’t becoming lax anytime soon. But now there’s a safe alternative to believing you’ll only have one.

2. We’re Not as Poor as We Thought: “I knew he/she couldn’t afford that car!”

That person you know whose car payment is almost as much as your rent? They now have a big, fat sticker that says they need supplemental income. It’s all about choices.