6 Best Major League Baseball Stadiums To Visit


Take me out to the ballgame – there’s nothing like spending a breezy night at the ballpark.

Each baseball stadium is unique unto itself, but which of these major home fields is the absolute best place to watch a game? Which offers the architecture, the food, the comfortable seats, and a great team?

Here are the top six home fields based on the overall ballpark experience while enjoying a game.

Dodger Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles, California

Dodger Stadium is easily a top-five ballpark pick. This stadium perfectly blends traditional baseball amenities with modern upgrades, and many fans love all the box seats with table tops; the perfect way to eat a Dodger Dog (which may be the best hot dog in all of baseball).

The Dodgers left Brooklyn for this prime piece of property in Chavez Ravine, which, even as the third-oldest park in baseball, packs about three quarters of its seats each season. Plus, what better, more American way to enjoy a sunny day?

Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs
Chicago, Illinois

Though there are many newly-built stadiums, no modern ballpark can duplicate what Cubs fans have going for them. There’s a reason the Cubs have stayed in this ballpark for over 100 years. Of course, a World Series Championship, the retro scoreboard, ivy-covered walls, and minimal bleachers all give Wrigley an atmosphere that ensures fans are in the seats.

Baseball’s second-oldest stadium offers seating right on top of the action, delightfully vintage details, and a fun surrounding neighborhood. Even after recent renovations, you give up some modern comforts for the historic value of the place. As an additional plus, it always smells like sausage.

Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees
Bronx, New York

The Yanks have an impressive home winning percentage in their new park, helping the team draw over 87% fan base to the seats. The food is still not the best of all the ball fields, but grab some peanuts outside and hit a food cart on the way home and it won’t matter.

The giant video board is pretty cool and the sight of the 4-train rumbling past gives the place a cool ambiance. However, the Yankees play within a couple of miles of some of the best Italian food on this great planet and dare to serve Papa John’s Pizza at their ballpark. You have to admire the chutzpah, really.

Busch Stadium

St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis, Missouri

Catching a ballgame is a must during the summer in St. Louis. Even during a losing season, the Cardinals faithful still pack the house at 92% capacity. And though the food ranks near the bottom, the energy and atmosphere at Busch more than make up for it.

This stadium is a huge part of why St. Louis is routinely credited as one of the best sports towns in America. Plus, seeing the Arch while in the stands and seeing the stadium while up in the Arch is pretty breathtaking.

SunTrust Park

Atlanta Braves
Atlanta, Georgia

Poor Turner Field didn’t even last 20 years before the Braves sought greener pastures just a short drive from downtown Atlanta. On the bright side, it’s new and new stuff is cool. There’s also a bourbon bar in the stands! The stadium offers every corporate-sponsored luxury suite and club option you could ever want.

A complaint about the old field was that there was absolutely nothing to do outside the stadium. That’s not an issue with this ballpark as The Battery district has an endless variety of bars, restaurants and apartment buildings. The only letdown to the new stadium is the unorganized concourses and long lines for concession stands.

Kauffman Stadium

Kansas City Royals
Kansas City, Missouri

Number one on the list is the K! Kauffman’s modern, symmetrical ballpark, surrounded by parking lots far from downtown, lead to some of baseball’s best tailgates. And the party atmosphere carries over inside where the energetic crowd and throbbing PA keep the stadium shaking.

Also, the excellent barbecue (it doesn’t get better than KC) in the concourse makes going to Royals games fun, even if the Royals aren’t winning. This stadium is a big part of why Kansas City is one of the best American cities to spend the weekend.

If you’re looking for a perfect ballpark to spend a fun afternoon taking in a game, you can’t do better than the above choices. No matter which team you root for, watching a game in one of these stadiums will make for tons of happy memories.