7 Fake Tourist Attractions People Believe Are Real

Fake Tourist Attractions

Sherlock Holmes definitely has a place in history – so there’s a place where he’s from, right? Check out this list of whimsical spots that are only as real as you believe they are.

If you’re looking for a memorable, authentic traveling destination, you should avoid these places by all means! Some of them trade on cult movies while others reap the benefits of historic inaccuracies. Although all interesting, sadly their geographical locations end with their stories.

The Home Of Sherlock Holmes, London

Everyone knows of Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant fictional character created by Arthur Conan
Doyle and the greatest investigator of all time. Hordes of admirers flock to the museum
dedicated to the renowned detective. It is allegedly located in the same house described in the
famous novels.
It’s not true. Although the building bears the plaque of 221B, the museum’s real address is 239 Baker Street. Technically, the address of Holmes and Watson on 221B Baker Street was purely fictional!