8 Luxury Airbnb Tree Houses You Can Actually Stay In

Sometimes, you just want to run away from all the stress and drama in life and hide away in a tree house like when you were a kid. Turns out that’s totally doable, and we have your back. We found these gorgeous, grown-up tree houses all over the globe that are perfect for romantic getaways or some much-needed alone-time. These elevated sanctuaries feature staggering views and modern amenities, but will still give you that childhood nostalgia that we’re all yearning for deep down. Here are eight luxury tree houses you can actually stay in.

Dreamy Tropical Tree House, Hawaii

This bamboo tree house sits on stilts 15-feet high amid the canopy of local, exotic flora,  with close proximity to Volcano National Park and 360-degree views. Located within Hawaii’s lush Fern Forest, it can be accessed through a red cinder path.

Underneath the house between the stilts sits a hanging bed, which will lull you to sleep and connect you to nature. The bedroom has a unique chandelier, the bathroom is filled with hanging plants and the showerhead drips naturally-caught rainwater.