9 Reasons To Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life


For many of us there’s nothing like traveling alone. Whether you’re driving to another part of your state or flying to another country, traveling solo can be a great time to enjoy some much-needed “me” time. You may love traveling with your family or friends, but you won’t know what you’re missing until you venture out alone.

Here are nine reasons why you can benefit from traveling solo.

Owning it

This trip is all on you. The choices are yours and all of the effort needed to make this trip a success is up to you. Embrace this challenge to fend for yourself on this solo excursion into the world. A solo trip is like a mini-lifetime you experience to learn new things about yourself.


With one person, the logistics of travel are simpler. As a single traveler, you’re more likely to get the flight you want. You’ll need to pack lighter because you’re going to be the one schlepping your bags.

There’s also a better chance of getting an upgrade for one person than for two, especially if you show consideration for how hard it is to work for an airline or hotel. Awareness of and empathy for others will be appreciated and sometimes open doors for you.


All the choices are yours and there’s no push and pull on this trip. There’s nothing like being in a new city with the day in front of you and nobody to please but yourself. You can follow your day’s plans without having to drag anyone around or even cancel them all for a whim that strikes you. The world is yours. Where you originally had plans to go to a museum, you might find yourself sitting at an outdoor café reading your favorite book or people watching. You’ll learn the difference between really being in a place and not just traveling through it.

Real experiences

Solo travel allows you to see your trip differently. All that time you’d normally spend paying attention to a companion is now spent exploring your new environs, talking to people and allowing yourself to take opportunities you might not take with a companion in tow.

Leaving yourself behind

When you go to a place where no one knows you, you can be who you want to be. You are in a judgement-free zone. Be someone else, somewhere else. You are now free to be a person who makes new friends and tries new things. Compliment the locals you meet on their city, ask for help in finding interesting things to do that tourists wouldn’t know about, and don’t dwell on your being away from home. Stay in the now.


One very important thing you can get out of a solo trip is recharging your batteries. Pamper yourself with a favorite meal, a dessert you might not normally eat, or a buy present for yourself. Be your own best companion. Do what you need to get your favorite self back. Read, listen to music, or meditate. Reflect on the things that get you excited about life and promise yourself that they will play a bigger part of your life when you return home.


Trying new things is perfect for solo trips. If you wanted to be held back you would have brought someone with you. Research local events or classes and blend in and mingle. Imagine what your life would be like if you actually lived in this new place.


You have a lifetime of memories you share with the people in your life. Make some that are just yours. Sure, you can tell stories about your adventures when you get home, but those memories will still be just yours and yours alone. And be sure to take pictures and ask random people to take some of you to document your solo adventures.

Returning home

The best part is, you can bring this new energized person that you like most back home and share the new you with everyone you care for.

It sure sounds like a lot to expect out of one trip, but what the heck, it’s worth it. It probably won’t be long before you’re planning your next trip alone because now you’ve got the bug. Enjoy it.