How To Pack Light For Easy Travels

Back in the day, travel was a very luxurious pastime. Images of an elegant socialite alongside carts of steamer trunks and luggage standing by a private jet come to mind – a vast difference from travel today. Carry-on allowances are strict and travelers these days can expect to pay a premium for carting extra or oversize luggage aboard airplanes, trains and cruise ships. So just how do you overcome the battle of the travel bulge? It’s pretty simple. Here are some top tips.

1. Invest in good, carry-on luggage

The only time you should carry “big” check-in luggage is, well, almost never. Unless you’re going on a 3-month vacation where you’ll need to rotate clothing, a carry-on is sufficient for most people.

2. Pack enough clothing for one week

Seven days’ worth of clothing and shoes is sufficient for almost any trip of seven days or longer. Why? You can wash your clothing in the hotel sink or go to a local laundromat. If you need dry cleaning or don’t want to mess with laundry, send your dirties to the hotel laundry service. It’s cheaper in the long run and more convenient than carting around a 30-lb suitcase when you only need half that or less.