Packing Tips For The Frequent Traveler


Are you a frequent traveler for either work or pleasure? Those who are consistently hopping on planes know the high costs of checking bags and like to avoid this whenever possible. However, fitting everything you need into a carry-on can take some work — especially if you’re going away for longer than a weekend. Here are some packing tips that will help you get all your items together quickly — and hopefully into one carry-on!

Wear Your Bulkiest Items

If you’re traveling to or from anywhere cold, you know that boots, layers and coats can easily eat up all your suitcase space. In these cases, your best bet is to wear your bulkiest items on the plane. Carry your winter coat with you, wear your bulkiest boots and layer up with that heavy sweater. You can always remove items as you warm up on the plane or when you reach your warmer destination.

Lay Everything Out on Your Bed

Not planning out what you’ll pack is a big mistake. Not only are you likely to forget items you need, but also you’re much more likely to bring unnecessary items or pack a lot of clothes that won’t come together as full outfits. Lay out each outfit you plan on wearing on your bed, along with the related accessories and undergarments. You can easily spot where you’re missing items — and where you have redundancies that can be left at home.

Keep it Basic

Sure, you may want to pack that new shirt that only goes with one specific pair of pants and requires a special bra and belt — but is that really wise? When you pack basic colors and styles, you can keep large items to a minimum and ensure everything will match.

Go Heavy on the Accessories

If you’ve got the basics covered, you can spice up your travel wardrobe with plenty of colorful accessories like jewelry, scarves and belts. These items take up a lot less room and can be used to change up multiple basic outfits.

Leave the Toiletries at Home

Do you really need your full-sized hairspray, a bottle of shampoo and conditioner, your body wash, and everything else you use to get ready in the morning? Not only are these difficult to pack in a carry-on due to new regulations, but also they take up a lot of room and can easily spill. Consider thinking of your trip as a vacation from the norm and use the toiletries provided in your hotel room. If you aren’t staying in a hotel or if they skimp on these items, you can likely buy everything you need at a nearby store.

By fitting everything into a carry-on, you can easily save at least hundreds of dollars a year if you travel frequently — and you never have to worry about lost luggage! Use the above packing tips to pare down your packing and ensure that you’ll look great on every trip.