Top 5 Affordable Hotels Near Disneyland

There’s nothing quite like a family vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. Crazy rides, great shows and a hefty dose of fun make Disneyland a part of almost every family’s bucket list.

But when you start adding up the price tag of that magical vacation, between airfare or driving expenses, food and drink, park passes in excess of $100 per person, and of course the hotel, it can make everyone’s wallet a little less happy.

While many parents might want to give their children the “full experience” of staying inside the park at one of Disney’s signature hotels, there are actually quite a few nice hotels just outside the gates that are much more affordable.

They offer many of the same amenities as the park hotels but without the high price tag, as well as perks like free breakfasts, swimming pools and ample parking. Most are less than a 15-minute walk to the park, and some even have free shuttles to and from the main entrance.

Here are the top five affordable hotels near Disneyland to help you plan the family vacation of your dreams.