Top 5 Road Trip Ideas


When it comes to going on vacation, perhaps no better way exists to unwind, relax, and experience your surroundings, than going on a proper road trip. Although less commonly considered when thinking about traveling, going on a well-organized and thought out road trip can be an experience of a lifetime. For those who love the long drives and ability to see and internalize everything first-hand, road tripping provides an invaluable and comprehensive experience. Here are just a few road trip ideas for those traveling in America:

California State Route 1

One of the most iconic and scenery-abundant drives that anyone can take is that of traveling along the CA state route 1. Otherwise known as Pacific Coast Highway or PCH, the route spans nearly the entirety of California’s coastline, and has an array of stops and sights to see along the way. Travel along the Pacific Ocean and plan to visit places like Hearst Castle, a museum featuring beautiful architecture and landscaping, or head up to Big Sur to experience a more outdoors-like atmosphere through hiking and camping. Either way you look at it, the PCH drive should not be passed up.

Route 66

Aside from PCH, another historic road trip that should be considered is that of the renowned Route 66. The route spans more than 2,000 miles from Southern California to Chicago, passing through some of the most classic scenery and quintessential sights that the country has to offer. Travelers can stop in an array of different states such as Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and others, and enjoy the national parks and natural wonders that are scattered throughout the entire trip.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Stretching for over 469 miles throughout the Appalachian Mountains, the Blue Ridge Parkway is an unforgettable and surreal experience that provides nature-lovers with views unlike any other. Considering the fact that it connects Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park with North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains, this road trip is perfect for the outdoorsman inside you. Take the time to see the sights at the magnificent Shenandoah park, while also visiting various landmarks and museums along the East coast.

Lewis & Clark National Trail

What better way to understand the history of trailblazing and adventure than following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark? This renowned trail spans roughly 3,700 miles long, taking travelers through portions of Idaho, Oregon, Montana, and Washington, providing insight into the expeditions of these two iconic settlers. Visit the Jefferson National Expansion Museum located in St. Louis, Missouri, or consider stopping off in the hundreds of vista points and hiking trails that are present along the way.

I-90 Coast to Coast

It should be noted that this route is primarily for the avid road tripper, and someone who doesn’t mind immensely long drives. The trip can be started in Boston, Massachusetts, and will take you through the entirety of the American countryside, ultimately ending up in Seattle, Washington. This cross-country drive is one that all road trip lovers should embark on at some point in their vacation schedules, as detours along the way take you alongside historic sites such as Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, and Yellowstone National Park.

Although road trips have become less common in recent years, it is evident that the experiences and enjoyment that can come from a well-planned road trip can be absolutely invaluable. Regardless of where you embark from, the American countryside has a plethora of various routes that you can take in order to start your adventure. Consider some of the iconic routes above, or find others that are more meaningful for you! Either way, going on a road trip will leave you with an unforgettable experience.