Top 6 Relaxing Retreats In US

Spas help you recharge and rejuvenate after all the hard work you put in daily. Wellness spa retreats are geared to provide health and fitness, so it’s important to choose the best spa retreats for an amazing experience. Determine the type of experience you want before making the choice. And here’s a list to help you do that.

Westglow Resort & Spa (Blowing Rock, NC)

It is a top-rated luxury spa and resort destination for leisure and rejuvenation. The full-service spa offers a variety of choices from body and face treatments to health and well-being.

Day spa packages and spa vacation packages are offered to guests. The facilities at the spa include aerobics studio, indoor pool, steam room, saunas, studio and whirlpools. The natural surroundings provide the perfect environment to unwind and get fit.

New Life Hiking Spa (Killington, VT)

The New Life Hiking Spa is a unique destination spa and wellness retreat. Guests can rejuvenate in the green mountains of Vermont and avail affordable spa services.

The spa combines hiking and outdoor adventure to keep guests fit. Hike programs have been specifically designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced hike and fitness enthusiasts.

The different massage options that are available at the spa include deep tissue, Swedish massage, myofascial release, ohashi method, hot stone massage, Amma, Thai yoga massage, Chinese herbal oil exfoliation, and warm bamboo massage.