Women-Only Vacation Adventures


A growing trend among travel companies is providing women-only adventure trips, from camping, climbing, kayaking, backpacking and more. While female-focused travel is not exactly new, there’s been an upswing in recent years as the focus on wellness has become more mainstream, women-only spaces have lost their negative stereotypes. Whatever you’re into, whether that be rugged outdoor adventures, learning new skills, or simply spending time in the company of other women, there’s a trip to meet your needs. There’s only one rule: No boys allowed.

Here’s a list of companies that offer women-only adventures:


The recreational outfitters co-op has created a number of women’s adventure journeys ranging from local to worldwide. Their women-led tours are aimed at those who “want to experience the world — not just see it.” There are no tour buses here. From exploring Machu Picchu or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, you’ll find a trip for you. The company uses local guides, restaurants, and lodging and favors off-the-beaten-path locations over touristy areas. Good news for solo travelers: the company doesn’t charge a “single supplement fee.” Recently, the company has begun offering Outessa, a three-day weekend retreat which includes activities such as climbing, biking, hiking, and yoga. You’re welcome to bring your own tent or book lodging. All meals are included.

Adventure Women

For over 35 years, Adventure Women has been offering custom-designed travel for active women. They aim to empower women to discover themselves through travel and build lifelong friendships and confidence in the company of like-minded women. They offer a wide range of packages worldwide, ranging from snorkeling and surfing in Baja California to horseback riding in Iceland, or viewing the Northern Lights in Finland. Tour groups are small and customizable, with a maximum of 14 women. Single room options are available.

Wild Women Expeditions

This Canadian based company has been offering women-only tours for the past 27 years. From intimate horseback rides in Mongolia to yoga and glamping in Ontario, Wild Women Expeditions offers a way for women to grow and build confidence while connecting with nature. True to its name Wild Women often attracts a more lively group of ladies while still aiming to be all-inclusive. So whether you’re a newbie or an experienced outdoor adventurer, you’ll be welcome here. The company knows that women come in all shapes, sizes and skill levels, and therefore will help guide you toward the best package for your needs. Accommodations are shared and the average group size is approximately eight women.

Pura Vida Adventures

If you’ve ever dreamed of spending a week in a tropical paradise while learning to surf, Pura Vida Adventures has just what you’re looking for. The Costa Rica-based company offers daily surf lessons, yoga classes, therapeutic massages, and accommodations at a gorgeous beachfront resort. Packages cover shared accommodations for 7-days/6 nights, gourmet meals, as well as the surf instructions and other cultural activities.

Explorer Chick

Focusing on small groups of adventurous women, Explorer Chick has adventure retreats that range from backpacking trips in the American West to surfing in the Dominican Republic. The company is geared toward women who love a healthy, active lifestyle and believes that women need to rediscover the power of play. Explorer Chick believes every woman is on her own journey and ready for different experiences. Accommodations are shared, and meals are included and locally-sourced.

A women-only adventure is a perfect avenue for you to expand your horizons in a safe, welcoming environment, while making lifelong friends, or maybe just to reconnect with the women in your life. So, what are you waiting for?