10 DIY Toothpaste Recipes To Try At Home


Why make your own toothpaste when you can just go buy toothpaste at the store?

Shockingly, a lot of the ingredients in commercial toothpastes are horrible for your teeth and gums. They’re packed with carcinogens, artificial sweeteners and more. The foaming agent used in toothpaste, sodium lauryl sulfate, is a chemical surfactant that’s not good for us. Even fluoride, which is supposed to prevent cavities but fails, is ultimately toxic to humans.

If you’re concerned about what chemicals you put in your body, here are 10 toothpaste recipes you can make for yourself at home.

All Natural Peppermint Toothpaste

This recipe by Thank Your Body is a potent blend of coconut oil, bentonite clay, sea salt and peppermint essential oil, so you still get that minty fresh feeling that commercial toothpastes provide. The coconut oil is antibacterial, clay is polishing and helps with remineralizing, while salt helps with that scrubbing action. Adding a dab of filtered water will help with getting the texture you like.

All Natural Whitening and Remineralizing Toothpaste

Brown toothpaste on your toothbrush might make you feel weird compared to the thick, shiny streak of green that we’re used to, but this is less harsh. This toothpaste is a force of nature, filled with coconut oil and clay as seen in the previous recipe, but with the addition of sesame oil, which softens the paste since coconut oil can solidify. It’s also used for oil pulling and is antibacterial. This blogger also adds baking soda and calcium magnesium powder which are essential to your dental health.

Whitening and Remineralizing Toothpaste with Stevia

Part of what we love about this recipe is the plethora of information that’s also offered on this natural DIY site, and important reasons why we need to switch over to homemade toothpaste. The ingredients from the previous recipe are beefed up with the additional of trace minerals and stevia, which is a substitute for the artificial sweeteners often found in toothpaste.

Homemade Toothpaste with Essential Oils

This toothpaste is amazing for the whole family! Xylitol is the secret miracle-worker in this recipe – the author prefers this instead of stevia due to its natural sweetness and added ability to reduce tooth decay rates. The author also offers a variety of essential oil instructions for a wide range of flavors (we can’t wait to try grapefruit).

Homemade Diatomaceous Earth Toothpaste

This earthy, remineralizing toothpaste is made up of mostly food grade diatomaceous earth, beefed up with xylitol or stevia, clay, baking soda and coconut oil. Diatomaceous earth is a naturally occurring sedimentary rock that crumbled into off white powder.  It eliminates free radicals and harmful organisms and in this case, improves bone mineralization immensely.

Cinnamon Nutmeg Toothpaste

If you love cinnamon gum, you’re probably going to be adore this cinnamon nutmeg toothpaste. But the delicious aroma and taste of these oils might make you end up wanting a slice of pumpkin pie. Cinnamon and nutmeg aren’t just tasty – they’re perfect for sensitive teeth due to pain-alleviating properties and are antibacterial as well. A delicious way to say goodbye to toxic chemicals.

Homemade Probiotic Toothpaste

Having tummy problems? Well, you no longer need to chug kefir because this probiotic toothpaste will not only help good bacteria thrive in your stomach, it also adds good bacteria to you teeth. This can help reverse tooth decay and cavities, and it’s more effective. They key ingredients in this are organic probiotics and an inulin-type prebiotic. Plus, less bad breath!

DIY Whitening Charcoal Toothpaste

For all the coffee-stained culprits, this charcoal toothpaste will turn your life around and let you and your terrible caffeine habit live in peace. Activated charcoal acts as a porous absorber that soaks bacteria and removes stains with a startlingly strong whitening power. During application, look like a coal miner. Afterwards, the bright smile of an A-lister!

DIY Neem and Mint Toothpaste

Some of the ingredients in this DIY organic toothpaste might start to look familiar, but it’s jazzed up with the addition of tea tree and neem oil. Both of these combat gum disease. Tea tree oil is a strong antiseptic that can relieve tooth pain and infections, while neem is so potent that the neem twig itself is popularly used as a tooth brush alone. It improves oral health generally and helps with plaque control and gum issues.

Remineralizing Chocolate Toothpaste

If you’re a die-hard chocolate fanatic, this raw cacao-infused recipe will make your Willy Wonka fantasies come true. We know what you’re thinking, “How can chocolate be good for your teeth?” This toothpaste recipe doesn’t use sugar-laden chocolate, but rather raw cacao powder. The active ingredient in cacao is theobromine, which protects your enamel from being sloughed away.