10 Surprising Health Benefits Of Using Curse Words


Did you ever have your mouth washed out with soap for using curse words when you were growing up? While that may have killed some germs, it probably wasn’t good for your health – but surprisingly, the act of cursing itself is!

Even though you may have been admonished for swearing as a child, it’s been proven that yelling out the occasional curse word as an adult can have some serious benefits that can improve your well-being in both body and mind.

Here are 10 surprising mental, physical and social benefits of using curse words.

1. It reduces stress

Swearing can take a mountain of stress off your plate, just like exercising does. It acts as a release and an emotional catharsis device. Once you declare your anxiety and stress through swearing, you automatically externalize it.

2. It numbs physical pain

Swearing can also numb pain and up your pain tolerance to warrior level. People can cope with pain better if they curse throughout the painful experience, as it raises the heart rate and causes the body to pump more adrenaline, increasing pain tolerance.

3. It improves self-esteem

Cursing acts as an effective coping mechanism when your confidence levels are low. Who doesn’t need a confidence boost once in a while? Cursing can improve your self-esteem and build up resilience when facing high levels of tension, giving you that “I Can Do It” mentality.

4. It’s an effective coping mechanism

Cursing can actually help you deal emotionally with health issues. Whether it’s chronic, long-term issues or recovery from a serious illness like cancer, swearing is a mechanism to discuss grief without feeling emasculated.

5. It increases creativity and productivity

Swearing is an incredible outlet for sparking creativity. Those already prone to creativity find those feelings exacerbated while swearing, and it can also help scrape up last-minute energy to complete work that has been put off.

6. It helps you form social relationships

Swearing can propel intimacy and social bonding, ultimately making you more likeable. The use of swear words makes you a more collective member of society. In other words, it helps you fit in, but in an authentic way that doesn’t make you feel like a people-pleaser.

7. It puts people at ease

Swearing makes people feel as though you are more real, honest and open, which puts others at ease. Statistics show that those who swear more are more generally truthful and upfront. Who knew profanity and honesty went hand in hand?

8. It reduces violence

You may be particularly surprised to learn that the usage of curse words helps people avoid violent tendencies. By replacing that punch with a hefty verbal explosion, aggression remains in a verbal expression rather than escalating to something physically dangerous.

9. It makes you more attractive

Did you know people who curse appear more attractive to others? Maybe it’s because swearing makes us more confident, but in the right context, swearing can make you significantly more alluring.

10. It empowers you

Swearing helps you feel more in control, and provide a sense of empowerment in toxic situations where one might feel helpless. Swearing helps us control a situation rather than letting it take over us.