Team – Life 360 Tips
Megan James Megan James is a Los Angeles-based copywriter and content strategist with a background in clinical psychology. She can psychoanalyze, talk to, and write about you all at the same time! Her multitasking contributes to her successful marketing campaigns and effective reach to global audiences.
Anna Khavrus Anna is a former linguistics student, current writer and eternal geek. Her long list of interests includes sci-fi TV shows, pugs, pigs, unisex fragrances, rock music, time travel, and everything that's colored blue. Any of these topics and many others, she's happy to discuss with you.
August Thompson August Thompson has worked as a writer, content manager and copywriter since 2013, when he graduated from NYU.
Charles Ranier Charles Ranier loves DIY projects so much, he hasn't bought real furniture in years. His hobbies are weird science, flea markets, Pokémon Go, and any sport that doesn't end in "ball.” He lives in Los Angeles, because of course he does.
Ghia Vitale Ghia Vitale is an assistant editor at Quail Bell Magazine. Her writings have also been featured in Ravishly, Luna Luna, Everyday Feminism, The Establishment, The Horror Zine, Together, and other publications.
Gillan Ritchie When Gillan isn’t creating awesome social media strategies and digital content, you will find her using her Nikon D50 or editing photos in Adobe Photoshop. She’s created content for clients on subject matters ranging from mouthwatering barbecue to analytics to plus-sized lingerie. Her ability to create content on a variety of topics is one of the reasons she’s been so successful.
Gretchen Gales Gretchen once wanted to be a veterinarian, Shania Twain, and a writer all at once. She has since settled down with writing a variety of content, both nonfiction and fiction. She is currently the managing editor of Quail Bell Magazine.
Max Zab Max Zab is a content-creating ninja from New York City who loves talking to audiences of all kinds. You can find him on
Michael Kelly Michael Kelly is a former music programmer and database builder with Walt Disney Imagineering R&D. As an award-winning audio and video programmer he’s now a successful freelance writer and editor in New England. A native of Southern California, Michael has worked in the entertainment industry for many years and writes for various print, online and digital outlets in the tech, beauty, entertainment, advertising and medical industries. Contact him at
Shelley Moench-Kelly Shelley Moench-Kelly is a Tokyo native and published writer and editor. Her experience spans the entertainment, beauty, medical and educational industries and her freelance clients include Google, L’Oreal Paris and MedEsthetics magazine. She blogs regularly for and is a contributing writer at Contact her at
Tatiana Rivera Tatiana Rivera is a work-from-home vampire, ahem, freelance writer, self-proclaimed poet and lover of art in the City of Stars also known as Los Angeles. She dreams of becoming a best- selling author with her breakthrough novel on love and loss appropriately titled, “So You Fell In Love With The Big Bad Wolf, A Good Girl’s Guide To Surviving A Bad Boy,” which is currently in its final stages of production.
Dmytro Tolkachov Dmytro is a content writer who is attempting to master the art of diving into a topic and finding helpful tips in the depths of human experience.
Anna Stepanova Not nerdy enough that nerdy people like her, not normal enough that any other people like her…this pretty much describes Ann. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and punk rock lover, believes that Parks and Recreation is the best show ever. Guinness and junk food are her biggest weaknesses. Dreams to move to Ireland someday. Hates racism, homophobia and people who are being smarty pants.
Sarah Bastin Sarah Bastin is Senior Content Manager and Editor of,, and She writes and edits articles across a wide variety of verticals including entertainment, pop culture, health, travel, tech, finance, and more.
Suzann Connell Suzann Connell is an author, an aerobics instructor, and a nutritional coach. Her “day job” includes designing curriculum and instructional materials for Fortune 500 companies, and she has freelanced in a variety of disciplines for more than 20 years. With eLearning as a specialty and medical software trainer for variety, Suzann enjoys every opportunity that involves writing. Contact her at
Denny Bulcao I’m a native San Diegan and the oldest of six. Yes, six. My good Catholic mother wanted to fill a pew in mass. Success! I love being with family, tennis, running, classic rock, college football, sports cars, SNL-type humor, Mad Men, and (especially) Saint Mary’s College Basketball. Writing has always been my "gift.” I enjoy playing with words and avoiding clichés. From sports and news writing to technical content and witty ad copy, I do it all!
Cristen Wilson Cristen Wilson is a writer and graphic designer with a passion for books and travel. She is currently pursuing a degree in cultural anthropology and resides in Los Angeles.
Marlee Archer Marlee Archer is a freelance digital storyteller who loves creating content through the written word, photography and film. She serves as a digital branding consultant, copywriter and social media manager to a number of organizations and small businesses.
Natalie Slaughter Natalie is a former Texan currently living in Los Angeles who enjoys politics, cooking, video games, comic books and spending more money than she should on world travel. She takes her nerd title as seriously as she does her writing and believes anything's a good story if you tell it right.
Jody Ellis Jody Ellis is a freelance writer/copywriter, editor and author. Her work has appeared in various publications and her experience includes health, beauty, fashion and travel writing. Contact her at
Freeman Lee Freeman Lee is a Santa Fe, New Mexico-based creative who's worked on historical and scientific projects for radio and TV. He is an amateur historian of American humorists.
Gwen Beaugraf Gwen Beaugraf is a London-based freelance writer who specializes in history, food, and travel.
Chris Snellgrove Chris Snellgrove is an English professor by day, writer by night, and gamer during those hours when others sleep. He loves dishing on comics, movies, games, books, and other nerd hobbies like cosplay. Still patiently waiting for his superpowers
Josie Walker Josie Walker loves walking and gardening, cooking and writing, and she's learning to crochet. She also plays a mean game of cribbage. She loves to travel, but also loves staying at home.
Naima Karp Naima is trying to navigate the waters of being a twenty-something year old. She’s a New York City native, and still resides there. She’s been writing since she was a teenager on relationships, fashion, lifestyle and more. She has roots in many pots, being part Russian and part Pakistani, and hopes to learn as much as she can about other cultures, and develop her presence as an author more.