What Eating Donuts Every Day Does To Your Body


Ever hold back your opinion when talking with others? Sure you do. These are divisive times, and nobody wants to run the risk of saying something that angers those around us. Fortunately, there are a few opinions that almost nobody disagrees with and that are always safe to chat about.

For example, we’ve never met anybody who doesn’t like donuts. We have, however, met some people who love donuts too much and want to eat them every single day. Sadly, that’s a terrible idea. Wondering why that is? Keep reading to discover what eating donuts every day does to your body!

What are donuts made of?

Chances are that you’ve been eating donuts for most of your life. If you’re like most people, though, you’ve probably never stopped to consider what the average donut is made of. Once you know the answer, you will be less likely to reach for one of these tasty treats when you’re craving a snack.

On the most basic level, every donut is made of flour, sugar, fat, and a little bit of protein. In the case of certain donuts, there may also be berries or other special toppings. However, make no mistake: just adding a bit of fruit to this sugar bomb doesn’t do anything to make it a healthy choice.

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Do donuts offer any nutritional value?

Most people divide food into two camps: healthy and not healthy. The truth is a bit more complicated, though, because all food provides at least a little of what your body needs. With that in mind, do donuts offer any nutritional value to the average person?

In a word, no. If you’re absolutely starving, a donut can sate your hunger and provide a temporary burst of energy. But if you have any other options (say, a breakfast bar) you should reach for them first. For all their flavor, donuts are empty carb sugar bombs that should only be consumed as an occasional dessert rather than a substitute for breakfast.

Regularly eating donuts leads to weight gain

We would never recommend eating donuts every day. However, you’ve probably idly wondered what would happen if you ended up making donuts part of your daily diet. The first negative consequence is obvious: unless you have the world’s greatest metabolism, you are likely to gain weight.

Donuts are very high in calories, so if you eat them on a regular basis, you may regularly consume more than your daily recommended amount of calories. That alone is likely to lead to weight gain because you’ll effectively end up eating too much. To make matters worse, this could happen even if you try to stringently count your calories. That’s because donuts are low in protein and have no real fiber, so you’re likely to get hungry again relatively soon after eating this tasty treat.

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Other negative effects of regularly eating donuts

As we noted, weight gain is the likeliest consequence of eating donuts on a regular basis. However, there are other potential consequences you should be aware of before you start making daily trips to Krispy Kreme. For example, regular donut consumption may raise your cholesterol to unhealthy levels.

Donuts are fried, so regularly eating them may increase the levels of “bad” cholesterol inside your body. To make matters worse, donuts simultaneously reduce your levels of “good” cholesterol. Throw in the fact that regularly consuming donuts can increase your risk of diabetes and it’s clear that this doesn’t need to be part of your daily diet.

Are donuts behind your recent weight gain?

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably eaten a donut or two (or three, or four) recently. And if you’re like most of us, you probably have some unwanted pounds that you’d like to shed. That leads to the big question: are donuts the primary culprit of your recent weight gain?

The answer is “maybe.” Donuts can expand your waistline for the reasons mentioned above, but there are dozens of potential reasons your clothes might be getting tighter. For example, hormone imbalances, a lack of sleep, genetic factors, or even oral birth control can all affect your weight. If you want a more definitive idea of why you’ve gained weight, you need to consult with your doctor.

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Donuts are all about moderation

What’s the lesson in all of this? Fortunately, it’s a simple one. For all of their yummy flavor, donuts are the very definition of a “sometimes food.”

Some would argue that you should never eat donuts at all, instead favoring healthier snacks when you get the munchies. However, full confession: we’d never give you that advice because we can’t take it ourselves (not while Bavarian cream tastes so good, that is). Instead, we’ll encourage you to do what we do and only eat these tasty treats on special occasions, allowing you to enjoy all this sugary sweetness without causing any longterm harm.