20 Things To Do During The Coronavirus Lockdown


So, you’re stuck inside like the kids from “The Cat in the Hat” and going a little stir crazy during the global coronavirus lockdown. The good news is there is a lot of stuff you can do while waiting out this current crisis. Here’s a list of 20 things you can do that will make your life better during lockdown.

Read a book (or a whole series)

Now’s the time to clear out your “To Be Read” list, or even to read those books everyone’s been raving about. The good news is that there’s a lot of great deals on books and e-books right now, even newly released ones. And don’t forget you can also still check out e-books from your local library’s website.

Write that book you’ve been putting off

On the other hand, if you have a great book inside you waiting to get out, now’s the time to start writing. If you don’t have a book inside you, maybe you have some poetry. Or you can keep a journal of what life is like right now, for future generations. Don’t laugh; history loves to be recorded. 

Take an online fitness class 

Just because you’re staying home, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your workout. Free online fitness videos are all over YouTube, or you can do a search for groups on Facebook or Instagram. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s aerobics or running or yoga, there’s a video for you out there.

Learn how to knit (or crochet or cross stitch)

If you’ve been hesitating to learn how to knit, now’s the time. There are many YouTube videos for beginning crafters. If you don’t have the supplies, order them online from a craft or fabric store. Not only that, but there are virtual craft meets going on. Or set up a group with your own friends so you can all virtual craft together.

Learn how to cook

You may already know how to make some things, but now’s the time to teach yourself some gourmet recipes. Or maybe you can break out the family recipe book and start making some comfort food. Just because you’re stuck indoors it doesn’t mean you have to eat boring food.

Make bread from scratch

While you’re in the kitchen, why not make your own sourdough starter and learn to make your own bread? Not only do you learn a new skill, but it’s the latest thing — people are sharing their yeast starters online like they would share pictures of their pets. And when this is over, you’ll have a new kitchen trick to show off!

Teach yourself a language

Now more than ever it’s easy to learn a second (or third) language. There are many free apps and sites to choose from, and you can learn a new language in just a few minutes a day. Duolingo is one of the more popular apps. You can learn everything from French and Spanish to Mandarin and Arabic. You can even learn to speak Klingon!

Be your own handyman

Unless it’s an emergency, you’re not going to get a handyman to fix something during the quarantine. So now’s the time to take out the hammer and drill and make some minor fixes to your home. If you’re in an apartment and can’t put holes in the walls, you can fix other things too. Is your table wobbly? Get that sorted out now, you’ll be glad you did.

Do your spring cleaning

Nothing needs fixing? Then it’s time for some spring cleaning! You were going to have to do it anyway, so why not get that going? You’ve been wiping down everything with disinfectant for weeks, but now’s the time to do a thorough job on the kitchen and bathroom. And there’s probably more dust than usual since you’ve been home all day, so it’s time to clean that too.

Organize all the things

Now that you’re all shiny and clean, it’s time to sort out your stuff. If you haven’t seen the Marie Kondo videos on how to organize your space, you should go watch them. Then start arranging your environment so that, above all, it makes you happy to be in it. Because you’re going to be in it for a while longer.

Binge a whole TV series

Many streaming services are offering limited free programming or reduced rates right now, so find a channel you like and start watching. Make your viewing time special with popcorn and cozy blankets. It’s time to catch up on whatever series your friends have been talking about. Or catch a new movie that’s being released directly to digital instead of being delayed in the theater. It’s up to you!

Finish a Jigsaw puzzle

It’s the perfect time to take that puzzle out and put it together — you know, the one you said you’d do when you found the time? Well, you found it. Put the puzzle up where anyone in the house can work on it, and slowly but surely you’ll end up with a finished project. It’s a great stress reducer and lets you focus on something other than a screen.

Clean up your computer/phone files

Speaking of screens, now’s a great time to take care of your computer or mobile phone. Delete all the apps you don’t use anymore. Empty out your virtual trash and remove programs you no longer use. Clear out your inbox. Reorganize the icons on your desktop. Update your passwords. You’ll be glad you did.

Have a home spa day

Let’s face it, it’s a stressful time right now. So there’s no better time to pamper yourself, or treat yourself for doing so well. Take a long hot bath and listen to music you enjoy. Make some aromatic tea and relax. Snooze in a chair with your pet. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself. You need it, and more importantly, you deserve it.

Go on a virtual museum tour

Believe it or not, a lot of museums offer virtual tours of their collections online. You can see everything from the Getty collection to the Winchester Mystery House. Give yourself a quick trip around the world. Visit a place you’d love to go, or revisit a favorite site. Put your brain on a virtual road trip.

Let the sunshine in

This seems obvious but, think about it. Some places are under strict curfew. Some people live in apartments with no balcony. Make sure you open your blinds and curtains in the morning and let some sun in the house. Open the window and get some fresh air, too. Both are essential to healthy living, so don’t deprive yourself of their benefits.

Clean out your closet

So you cleaned your house and organized it, but what about your closet? Go through the whole thing and try on all the clothes. Have yourself a fashion show. Keep the things that you like and wear. Get rid of the things that just don’t cut it. Either box it away for later donation to a charity or save it for the biggest garage sale ever once this lockdown is over.

Work on your garden

Now that spring has sprung, you’d have to go out anyway. If you have a yard or garden, let yourself play in the dirt for awhile. Pull up some weeds or trim back a hedge. If your garden exists solely indoors, you can take a little extra time and pamper your plants. Studies show that plants react to people, so let them know how much you love them.

Wash your car

Nothing’s better on a bright sunny day than going outside and washing the car. It sounds boring and tedious but really, a bucket and some soap make for great therapy. It costs you nothing but some time but gives you so much more back. If you’re cooped up with kids, even better: make it a group therapy session!

Check in on others virtually

Facetime and Skype are vital lifelines right now. Make sure you check in with your friends and loved ones, even if only for a few minutes. Stay connected, and if you need to talk, don’t be afraid to. And if they need to talk, listen. You can be each other’s support.