6 Weeks After Giving Birth, Woman Gets Surprising News From Her Doctor


“Well, this is surprising.”

In many ways, these are the four scariest words your doctor can ever tell you. When you go to an appointment or a checkup, chances are you hope to not discover anything that surprises you. Discovering something that surprises your doctor? That’s even scarier!

And that’s exactly what happened to one woman, Eliza Curby. A mere six weeks after giving birth, she received shocking news from her doctor. This news would go on to change her entire life!

What was the big surprise? What happened, and how did it transform Eliza? Keep reading to discover the answers!

A quick pregnancy

Even before they were married, Ben and Eliza Curby seemed destined for a “happily ever after.” They certainly had the kind of relationship you might see in a romantic movie. She was a busy cafe worker, he was a regular customer. In short order, they met, clicked, and began going out, but the last bit only happened after Ben invited her over to house-sit his place during December.

Eliza worried Ben just saw her as a friend, but those worries were misplaced. He not only came back from his holiday trip with a gift for her (a bracelet), but he invited her to stay for dinner. They kissed that night and things began moving crazy fast.

How fast? Within a month of dating, they began talking about having a family together. Within three months of dating, Eliza thought she was ill.

“I felt really run-down. ‘It’s like I’m hungover,’ I thought. But I hadn’t been drinking,” Eliza later said about her strange illness.

Eventually, though, a pregnancy test revealed she wasn’t sick at all. Despite dating Ben for only three months, Eliza was pregnant!

“Sharing the news with Ben, he wrapped me in his arms,” she explained. “Our family was starting sooner than we had planned, but we were over the moon.”

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Giving birth

Ben and Eliza were absolutely jazzed about the idea of having a kid. They began getting the house ready for a kiddo, regularly seeing her doctor, and generally preparing for a major lifestyle change.

Nine months went by in the blink of an eye. Eliza gave birth via C-section, and they greeted a baby daughter in 2016. They named her Charlie, and the family was now complete. It seemed like Ben and Eliza did a relationship “speedrun,” going from the first meeting to dating to parenthood in the space of a year.

However, six weeks after giving birth to Charlie, Eliza began to fall ill. She starting having constant headaches, as well as lethargy and nausea.

She soon wondered if she could be pregnant again, but Ben ruled it out. After all, it was highly unlikely to get pregnant six weeks after giving birth.

A home pregnancy test said Eliza was pregnant. But a trip to the doctor to confirm the news left Ben and Eliza with a shocking revelation they never expected.

Doctor has surprising news for Eliza

By now, those close to Ben and Eliza know just how strong their relationship is. They had the kind of early discussions about commitment and starting a family that would split most couples up. And instead of that surprise pregnancy driving the two apart, it only served to bring them closer together.

However, the news that Eliza was pregnant again only six weeks after giving birth was enough to throw anybody off. By now, Eliza had gone back to school to finish her university degree. She might have been able to balance school life and home life with one baby to look out for, but could she still achieve this balance while looking over two separate kiddos?

Eventually, the two decided to visit Eliza’s doctor to confirm the positive results of her latest pregnancy test. But when the doctor performed an ultrasound, he gave them shocking news!

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Ultrasound reveals a big surprise!

An ultrasound confirmed that Eliza was indeed pregnant. But the doctor gave Ben and Eliza surprising news. They would not, in fact, be responsible for two children. Instead, they’d be responsible for three: Eliza was now pregnant with twins!

At this point, it was fair to say the couple was a bit overwhelmed. In their previous discussions about having a family, Eliza had expressed that she wanted a large family with many children. However, neither she nor Ben was prepared for the reality of having twins so soon after baby Charlie was born.

Even the doctor was willing to entertain the idea that his diagnosis was incorrect. But when they went back a month later, the obstetrician confirmed that Eliza did have twins growing inside of her. At this point, she freaked out a bit more and tried to Google for some advice about raising three very young children.

She couldn’t find out there. Deciding to be proactive, Eliza took the next step: starting a blog for other mothers who had given birth to multiples like this.

New blog, new life

It may not have been the exact story they planned to create, but Ben and Eliza ended up getting that happily ever after. Eliza’s blog became a big hit, helping her gain advice about how to raise the new kids (Jack and Wolfe). And she was in a great position to help other mothers with her blog, especially after her story went viral.

Eliza believes the blog is part of her life’s purpose, just as her children and husband are. Speaking of the husband, Eliza and Ben got married, making things official. While most couples get stressed and anxious about getting married, a wedding ceremony was likely the easiest part of a relationship that included giving birth to three different children in such a short period!