Everything You Need To Know About Keratin Lash Lifts


One of the great ironies about beauty is that we spend a lot of time, money, and effort looking like we just woke up looking amazing. “Looking amazing” is the key term here because most of us look like a mythological monster first thing in the morning, but the right makeup, haircut, and cosmetology procedures can make it look like you woke up more like a Greek goddess.

The latest hotness in the “I woke up looking this hot” front is the keratin lash lift. Unfortunately, many who would most benefit from these lifts don’t know the first thing about them!

Wondering what keratin lash lifts are and how they can transform your face for the better? Keep reading to get the answers you need!

What is a lash lift?

Obviously, a keratin lash lift is its own special kind of lift. Before we dive into that, we need to answer a more fundamental question: what is a lash lift?

The best description for this procedure is that you are giving a perm to your lashes. When all is said and done, you’ll have the “fuller lash” look you crave without having to bust out the eyelash curler. While everyone can benefit from such a thing, these lifts are particularly great for those who have straight eyelashes and want them to really stand out.

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How are keratin lash lifts different?

Now that you know what a basic lash lift is, we’ve come to the big question. What are keratin lash lifts, and how are they different from normal lifts?

The basic definition of a keratin lash lift is short and sweet: it is a lash lift that involves using (what else?) keratin. Basically, the cosmetologist puts a keratin formula on your eyelashes before the lift procedure. And the keratin helps to give your eyelashes a better and smoother shape.

By the way, if you’ve been wondering where you’ve heard the name “keratin” before, it is found in countless beauty products because it helps to strengthen your nails, skin, and hair. Needless to say, it will have the same strengthening effect on your eyelashes as well. 

Who needs a keratin lash lift?

Now, you know more about what keratin lash lifts are. But who actually benefits from this procedure?

Arguably, the main audience for these lash lifts is those who are sick of using eyelash extensions. Such extensions require a lot of time, energy, and upkeep. By using a keratin lash lift, you can get a more natural look without having to worry about touching up your eyelashes so frequently.

As we noted before, these lifts are also good for those who want an “I just rolled out of bed looking this good” aesthetic. If “shabby chic” describes your fashion as well as your furniture, these lifts are a great choice.

Interestingly, some even get keratin lash lifts before they get extensions. By scheduling a lift a couple of weeks before you get extensions, you can create a final look that is much fuller and much more striking.

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Lash lifts and mascara

Speaking of extensions, there is one major benefit that lifts have over extensions. And that is that you can still use mascara after getting a keratin lash lift.

For best results, wait about two days after your lift and try to stick with mascara formulas that are not waterproof. But with that in mind, you can most certainly layer mascara on top of your lift. This creates a final look that is thicker, longer, and more defined, which is perfect for everything from an upscale job interview to a hot date.

Are keratin lash lifts safe?

At this point, keratin lash lifts may sound too good to be true. And you may be asking yourself a simple question: is this procedure safe?

Generally speaking, the answer is “yes.” It all comes down to your cosmetologist. For example, it’s possible to leave the keratin on too long, which can negatively affect both the appearance and growth of your lashes. It’s also possible to cause mild damage if the cosmetologist uses the wrong rod or gets the formula in your eyes.

However, a skilled and licensed cosmetologist won’t make these rookie mistakes. And you’ll be able to enjoy lashes that are longer, fuller, and more beautiful.

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How long will a keratin lash lift last?

Earlier, we mentioned how this procedure is great for those who don’t want to constantly fiddle with extensions or eyelash curlers. And that brings us to the next big question: just how long do keratin lash lifts last, anyway?

For the most part, these lifts last between four to six weeks. To make the lift last as long as possible, there are certain things you need to do and some things you need to avoid.

For example, you need to avoid getting your lashes wet for the first two days after the lift. Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your lashes, and don’t use any heavy creams or oil-based products near your eyes.

Try to regularly brush your eyelashes with a spoolie. And stick to pencil or liquid eyeliners (no cream-based ones) to maximize how long your lift lasts.

What your keratin lash lift procedure will be like 

If you’re seriously considering a keratin lash lift, we have one more question to answer: just what is your procedure likely to look like?

Most sessions last somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes. Your beauty technician will apply the keratin formula first. Next, you normally choose the silicon rod you want them to use to achieve different eyelash looks. Finally, the technician will lift, then separate, and then curl your lashes along the silicon pads.

And that’s all there is to it! We’re confident you’ll be impressed by the initial results. But for future sessions, you can always experiment with different rods and rod sizes to create different looks before you eventually discover what works best for your face.

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