Fakest-Sounding Life Tips That Actually Work


“Who made you a doctor?” That’s the response we often give our friends when they give us crazy-sounding advice to help us deal with things like mosquito bites or even choking on food. When the advice sounds too weird to even consider, it’s easy to think your friends are doing nothing but pulling your leg.

However, we’ve been collecting crazy advice for a long time now, and we finally decided to give each strange tip a try. Surprisingly, some of them were far more effective than we ever imagined. Keep reading to discover the fakest-sounding life tips that actually work!

Yelling at your vacuum cleaner keeps your dogs from barking at it

There are many different breeds of dogs, and all those breeds have different personalities. But as all owners know, dogs around the world have one major thing in common: when the vacuum cleaner comes out, the animals work themselves into a frenzy barking at it.

If you want the dog to finally stop doing this, all you have to do is bark at the vacuum along with them. This makes the dog think you agree the vacuum is a threat and that you and the animal are on the same page. Just like that, the barking will stop.

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Makeup remover clears up deodorant stains

Let’s face it: deodorant stains are the worst. Because these stains are under the armpit, it’s impossible to pass them off as anything else (like a food stain). The stains are also very difficult to clean, causing many people to throw the shirt out because it’s now ruined.

Don’t take those shirts to the trash just yet, though. It turns out that makeup remover does an excellent job of cleaning those stains right away. Since you probably already have some remover kicking around the house, this also means you can clean up your favorite shirts at no additional cost!

Counting really can help you get to sleep

You’ve probably seen various movies and TV shows where characters count (such as counting sheep) in order to get to sleep. Since most of these shows and films are aimed at kids, it’s easy to dismiss this advice as a fabrication that only kids would accept as true.

However, slowly counting up to a high number (such as 150 or 200) really can help you sleep. Pretty soon, all you will focus on is the repetitive act of counting. That pushes those weird and intrusive thoughts right out of your brain and helps you finally get to sleep.

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Windex gets rings off when they’re too tight

Rings ever get so tight that you can’t get them off your finger? We’ve all been there. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of sodium that makes your fingers swell up too much for the ring. In certain cases, medical conditions may also cause enough swelling to keep the ring from getting loose.

In extreme cases, you might be tempted to have the ring cut off your swollen finger. Fortunately, that may not be necessary. With a bit of Windex, you can slide that ring right off!

Beat allergies by taking a shower before bed

Are you allergic to pollen? If so, you probably have trouble sleeping each night. When this happens, it may be tempting to blame it on the season, especially with people in your life telling you how easily pollen can get everywhere.

However, the problem usually isn’t pollen “everywhere.” Instead, it’s the pollen that you have spread to your pillow and then put your head on each night. Go wash the pillowcase and then take a shower each night before bed. This will help you beat the pollen and have an easier time breathing through the night.

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Boiling water beats mosquito bites

There’s no pain quite like a mosquito bite. Getting stung certainly hurts enough, and it’s enough to ruin your jog or other outdoor activity. But the worst part is the painful bump the mosquito leaves behind: try to scratch it to get relief and you just end up making things worse for yourself.

Good news for those who are bitten, though. As it turns out, boiling water can offer immediate relief from the pain. Just boil some water, apply some of it to the wound (make sure the temperature isn’t too hot for your skin!), and watch your pain become a thing of the past. 

If you sweat more than you should

If you have funky armpits and need to fix them fast, use hand sanitizer.
The smell comes from bacterial reactions, which antibacterial hand gel kills stone dead. You get instant results and the medical smell only lasts for a minute.

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