Optical Illusions That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality


Have you ever wondered why optical illusions are so popular?

There is just something special about an image where two people can stare at it and see completely different things. Such images have led to fascinating conversations and the occasional bitter argument.

But these images are good for more than starting conversations. They also reveal important information about you based on what you saw. How well do you really know yourself? Keep reading to discover our favorite optical illusions and what they can tell us about your personality!

Maid or man?

Pop quiz: what did you see when you first looked at this image?

Some people look at this and think they see a maid who is hard at work cleaning the floor. Those who spot this image are usually good at figuring things out and offering solutions to very tricky problems.

Others, however, look at this image and see the face of a man. If that’s you, congrats: this means you are unique and can see things that few others can, starting with the man in the image.

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Morning owl vibes

Sometimes, it’s not about what illusion you see but whether you see an illusion in the first place. And many of you probably experience this each morning when you are sipping your coffee.

Look closely: some people merely see a steaming cup of that caffeine we all love. Others, however, see the face of an owl staring back! Once you see this owl for the first time, you will never look at your morning cup of coffee the same way ever again.

Young or old woman?

Not all optical illusions are new inventions. In fact, this image was created by William Ely Hill early on in the 20th century. Fittingly, the name of the image is “My Wife and my Mother-in-Law.”

According to the artist, both women are in this image. What he meant was that different people saw different images. Younger people (or at least, those young at heart) saw a young woman looking over her shoulder. Older people (or at least, those with old souls) saw an older woman.

Hint: the younger woman’s neck makes up the older woman’s chin; the younger woman’s nose and ear make up the older woman’s eyes. The younger woman’s jawline forms the older woman’s nostril.

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Duck or squirrel?

On paper, squirrels and ducks look nothing alike. But once you see this image for the first time, you might change your mind!

What you see in this image helps diagnose which part of your brain is dominant over the rest. Those who see a squirrel are logical thinkers. Basically, you’re the one your friends turn to for clear and concise analysis. And those who see a duck are more creative and artistic… the kind of person the friends turn to for great ideas.

Mouse or cat?

Cats and mice normally have very a contentious relationship. But this is one image where a cat and a mouse seem to be living in perfect harmony.

Some look at this image and see a large blue cat. That means you are a realist who looks at things in a straightforward and down-to-earth way. Others see a mouse (its ears form the cat’s eyes), which may indicate a personality that is more imaginative or who looks at things from a very unique perspective.

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Mountains or bears?

We often talk about whether someone can see the forest for the trees. But have you ever met someone who can’t see the mountains for the bears?

If you saw bears when you first looked at this image, then you are a perceptive person who has learned to trust your instincts. If you saw snowy mountains instead of bears, it may indicate that you are less comfortable trusting your instincts.

The face, the cat, or the cliff?

Most of these images are the kind where you see one thing or another. However, this is the rare image where there are three different possibilities.

If you see a cliff at first glance, then you most likely have a very positive attitude. If you see a cat, though, it may indicate that you are emotionally guarded and dislike change. Finally, those who see a face are more likely to be creative and inquisitive than the average person.

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The bed or the Bard?

This image was created by Oleg Shuplyak. Shuplyak is an architect by trade, but he also loves to craft art with a unique gimmick: it mixes famous faces with everyday scenes.

For example, if you saw William Shakespeare in this image, this may reveal that you are self-centered. But if you instead saw a woman lying on a bed, this may reveal that you are chaotic and impulsive, especially regarding romance. 

If you saw a man in a turban, it may indicate that you are jealous and possessive. Finally, if you saw a rose, you are likely to be very naive compared to your friends and family. 

Silhouettes or a vase?

Here is another optical illusion with a bit of history. It is titled Vase Ambiguous Figure and was created by Edward Rubin way back in 1915.

And the title pretty much says it all. Some people see a vase, which may indicate they focus less on little details and more on the big picture. Others see the outline of two faces staring at each other, which may indicate they place greater importance on the little things in life.

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Cat or bird?

Most optical illusions are created by artists for fun, and sometimes to conduct a thought experiment. This one, however, was created by an investment and loans company called Funding Circle, and it is used to help determine where they would fit best within the organization.

If you spot the cat (specifically, the lynx), the company thinks you can grasp the big picture and should either have a creative or even managerial role. But if you spot a bird, you are better at completing ambitious tasks and will serve well as an employee executing the creative visions of others.

Flowers or face?

When it comes to what your interpretation of these images means, some interpretations are simpler than others. For example, those who see flowers when they first look at this image are great nature lovers who like to chill and relax.

If you see a woman’s face, however, it means you quickly notice things in the environment around you. It also means you have good judgment, likely because you are so perceptive.

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Faces or trees?

We use a lot of words to determine if someone is a “people person” or not. This includes words like “extrovert” or even fancier words like “gregarious.” But who knew we could simply use an image instead?

If you see a tree when you first look at this image, it means that you like spending time with yourself. For example, you probably handled the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantines quite well. But if you see a canoodling couple in the image, you are both optimistic and sentimental, and you probably spent your quarantine time counting down to when you could hang out with friends and family again.