Smooth Lifehack: 7 Unexpected Ways That Vaseline Can Be Useful


Just about every home has some Vaseline in it. And there’s a simple reason for that: most people only use Vaseline on rare occasions to moisturize their skin, especially when it’s cold. When winter passes, though, that jar may sit there unused for another two seasons.

But you’re not going to want to put your own Vaseline down once you realize how many ways it can help you out. Ready to discover the most unexpected ways that Vaseline can be useful? Keep reading to learn the answers!

Make your perfume last

We all know that it’s annoying to have to touch up our perfume or cologne every few hours. It’s an annoying use of our time, and it reminds us of just how fast we’re motoring through these very expensive scents (we’re looking at you, Tom Ford).

Interestingly, though, Vaseline can help make your perfume or cologne last a lot longer. All you have to do is apply a bit of it on your screen before you apply your favorite scent. This slows down the rate at which the scent sinks into your skin, helping you smell better for a longer period of time.

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Fight split ends

We hate the cold weather for many reasons, but perhaps the main one is what it does to our hair. In addition to making our hair shockingly static, cold weather often gives us the ugliest and most annoying split ends.

Believe it or not, Vaseline can help you fight these split ends. By putting just a bit of it on the ends of your hair, you can avoid all of the unwanted breakage and split ends. Best of all, this is a seasonal solution that won’t break the bank (which is especially important around the holidays).

Clean shoe stains

When you think about it, shoe stains are basically the worst. Stains mean that the look of your best shoes can be ruined in the space of a single second. To make things worse, cleaning such stains is difficult and often proves impossible.

Fortunately, Vaseline is your secret weapon in the fight against annoying stains. All you have to do is apply a little Vaseline to the sole of your shoe before you commence cleaning. Trust us: you’ll be surprised by how quickly the stain starts coming out!

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Fix squeaky hinges

Sometimes, weird squeaking noises in your house might make you think you have a mouse inside. But the real culprit is something arguably more annoying: squeaky hinges on your doors. This is the kind of problem you would normally use WD-40 to solve, but what if you don’t have any around and the sound is driving you up the wall?

That’s right: Vaseline to the rescue once again! Just apply this petroleum jelly to the hinges and it will have the same basic effect as spraying that area with WD-40. And if you were only using WD-40 for squeaks, switching to Vaseline might save you some money over time.

Open nail polish bottles

In the battle of the sexes, we like to think of nail polish bottles as the great equalizer. No matter how strong they think they are, men and women alike often find it difficult to open these bottles, especially after any polish has spilled inside.

And while it’s fun to see who in your household can finally get the damn things open, you can make nail polish bottle stress a thing of the past with Vaseline. By putting some on the edge of the bottle, you can make opening it a breeze. No more headaches when you’re just trying to make your fingers look their best!

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Scrub your skin

Considering that most people just use Vaseline to moisturize their skin, this next tip may sound crazy. But it’s completely true: with the right ingredients, Vaseline can help you scrub your skin.

In this case, you only need two ingredients: Vaseline (obviously) and some sea salt. Combining these ingredients and rubbing them over your body can help you get the smooth skin you’ve been dreaming of. And since this works just as well as those pricy scrubs you’ve been buying, this is yet another way that Vaseline can save you some real money.

Avoid earring pain

Are you someone who doesn’t wear earrings very often? If so, you don’t need us to tell you how painful it can be when you try to wear one of your favorite pairs after not wearing anything for a while.

For years, many women have essentially chosen to suffer this pain just to look glam. But Vaseline lets you have your cake and eat it, too: by applying the jelly to your earlobes before you put the earrings in, you can make the experience far, far less painful. Just like that, you can wear earrings as infrequently as you want without worrying about the pain!

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