Top 10 Haircuts Making Waves In 2021


Hair care in 2020 was pretty wild. Salons and beauty parlors closed down during the worst parts of the coronavirus lockdown, just when working from home remotely by video surged. People learned to dye their own hair, embrace the shaggy look, or tied their hair back and turned the camera off.

But 2021 is already looking up. As the salons start reopening and spring kicks in, there are plenty of reasons to get a new ‘do, and the theme is “low maintenance.” You’ll be surprised at what hair fashions are coming back.

Here are 10 haircuts that are big in 2021.

More bangs for your buck

Bangs are coming back with a bang, albeit not as laser precise across the brow. With the inability to go in and get them trimmed every couple of weeks , bangs this year tend to be longer, wispy ones that add dimension and frame to the face as they grow out.

Rather than wear bangs across the forehead, go for the side swept look for a change of pace. In any case, you’ll be tempted to turn the camera back on in meetings.

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Blunt that cut

Whether your hair is thick or thin, a blunt chop can give your hair the appearance of more volume. This is as opposed to having layers, which makes your hair look finer.

The blunt cut is one length, all the way around, no muss, no fuss. Not only will it make your hair look fuller, but it will grow back somewhat uniformly, thus reducing the need to see the salon frequently.

For the very adventurous, you can check out the numerous YouTube tutorials on how to do it yourself at home. 

Hi, Bob!

The bob first came to popularity in the 1920s, so what better way to celebrate its centennial than to wear one yourself? Bobs are short haircuts that look great on straight or wavy hair.

You can get them blunt cut for easy wearability, just long enough to tuck behind your ear. Or you can go the old fashioned way and straighten your hair out. Whatever way you wear it, the bob is easy to maintain and easy to style. 

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Pixie isn’t just for sticks

When you think of a pixie cut, you might think of Dame Judy Dench or Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. A strong face can support a very, very short cut, and a pixie cut is as short as you can get without joining the Marines.

This cut looks great for any type of hair, but it is especially flattering for finer hair that won’t hold a curl well. It also has the benefit of looking good on anyone, no matter their age. It’s truly a timeless look.

So, if you have been wanting to shed a lot of weight from your hair, you should give the pixie cut a try, especially right before summer sets in.

Living on the edge

One of the great things about working from home is that you can experiment with hair styles and colors and not worry about scaring people. Again, this is where the video button comes in handy. If you are really experimental, go for something drastic.

A buzz undercut with designs shaved in. Go for a horsehead mohawk. Asymmetrical styles are dynamic and fun, and can show off two sides of your personality at once. If you’ve got the time and can muster up the courage, go for it!

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Take a gamble on ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ style

The Top 10 Haircuts Making Waves In 2021 | Life360 Tips

Since we haven’t been going out, we’ve been staying home streaming television. This year, people are going crazy over the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit.” Its star, Anya Taylor-Joy, sports a classic look, flaming auburn hair cut to just below the shoulders.

This style looks at the same time retro and modern. It’s meant to evoke the mid-20th century, from the 1940s to the 1960s, before hair fashion went in a whole new direction. Lots of people will be requesting this cut from their stylists this year, as soon as the salon doors open. 

Afros are in

Speaking of retro, one of the biggest (literally) styles from the 1970s is coming back, the Afro. Riding a wave of natural hair love added to the inability to get professional weaves or braids during lockdown, the Afro is not only stylish, but it is done free of chemicals or heat that can damage the hair. Also, it is inexpensive to maintain because it’s as easy as washing and air drying.

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Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow

The long-haired flower child look is coming back, so if you’re growing out your hair, let it grow! The hair down past the hips look that was so popular in the early ’70s is already gracing billboards and the covers of magazines. You can wear the look with bangs or without. To get the most of this style, however, you should make sure you have a nice, even cut to the edge and uniform length, no layering. 

Want extensive hair? Then do this

If you’re going for the long-hair ’70s look and you can’t, won’t, or aren’t growing your hair fast enough, look into getting some length added in. You can also add in volume in a shorter cut that way. Whether they’re clip-on or threaded in, extensions can make for a quick makeover.

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The last cut you would ever have guessed is back

Our final fashion cut is yet another vintage look being updated for today, and it’s called the mullet. No, we are not kidding. Men’s hair has long forsaken the mullet, but for women it’s making a comeback.

With the short front and top and layered length, famously known as “business in the front, party in the back,” it’s a good way to keep your hair looking great on the dreaded video call without sacrificing the ability to put up the back in a bun or a braid.

If you can’t decide between short hair or long this year, why not do both?