What Your Finger Shape Reveals About Your Personality


Horoscopes weren’t really a thing in William Shakespeare’s time. Nonetheless, he casually dunks on the very notion of horoscopes in a famous quote from Julius Ceasar. At one point in the play, Cassius tells his fellow conspirator that “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”

In other words, we shouldn’t look to the stars to learn more about ourselves. But what if the answers were right there in front of you the whole time?

You might not think there is anything special about your fingers. However, your finger shape actually reveals a lot about your personality. Keep reading to discover what your own fingers have been telling the world!

We’ll describe:

  • What your dominant hand says about you
  • What your ring finger length in relationship to your index finger reveals
  • Secrets hidden in your fingertip shape
  • How to determine your strong and weak fingers
  • What your strong and weak fingers reveal about you
  • What the gaps between your fingers reveal about your personality

Let’s get started!

What your dominant hand says about you

Most of us learn early on which of our hands is the dominant hand. So while there are a few truly ambidextrous people out there, most of us either favor our left hand or our right hand for various activities.

Before you can figure out what your finger shape means, you need to figure out which hand is dominant. That is because we get most of our details about our personalities from the fingers on our lead hand. Basically, these fingers tell the world about both your personality and your approach to doing business. Meanwhile, the fingers on your other hand tell the world about your relationships with those who are closest to you.

What your ring finger length in relationship to your index finger reveals

According to some studies, the length of your ring finger correlates to the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb. Some experts believe, therefore, that the length of your ring finger can reveal certain personality traits associated with testosterone.

For example, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger (as in figure A above), you are probably extroverted, daring, and pushy.

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger (as in figure B), you may be introverted, self-assured, and a bit vain.

Finally, if your ring finger is the same length as your index finger (as in figure C), you likely have a balanced personality. You are easy-going, loyal, and compassionate.

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Secrets hidden in your fingertip shape

There is another way your fingers are telling us about your personality: your fingertips! Basically, the shape of your fingertips can reveal some powerful secrets about you.

What kind of secrets? Well, if you have a rounded fingertip, you dislike disapproval and seek inner peace. A square fingertip, though, means you are a precise person who wants to be certain of the people and events around you.

If you have a “sharp” fingertip, it means you may not be very practical. Instead, you want to try new things (the more exotic, the better). Finally, if you have a “shovel-shaped” fingertip, you like to come up with ingenious and innovative ideas instead of doing what everyone else is doing.

How to determine your strong and weak fingers

As we said before, most people discover which hand is their strong hand early in life. But have you ever stopped to think about which of your fingers are strong and which are weak?

For example, your thumb is typically one of your stronger fingers. It has to be considering how many things (from holding a pen to hitchhiking) you rely on your thumb to do.

How can you tell which fingers are strong and which are weak? Generally, the longer, straighter fingers are stronger. Meanwhile, fingers that are bent or leaning are weaker ones. And if you have trouble doing certain things with the finger (we’re looking at you, pinky finger), it’s usually weak.

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What your strong and weak fingers reveal about you

Once you know which hand is which and which fingers are which, we can really get started. And it’s time to figure out what your fingers are saying about your personality!

For instance, if the thumb on your lead hand is very strong, it means you are very focused on professional success. If you have a strong pinky finger, it means you are a good communicator. A strong ring finger means you are accomplished when it comes to self-expression and even artistic expression.

Meanwhile, a strong index finger means that you have a strong character and are very shrewd. And it may also mean that you are interested in gaining more power.

And while we typically associate the middle finger with a very vulgar sentiment, a strong middle finger actually means a person is confident, responsible, and efficient. Such a person is also wise and interested in personal growth.

Most people have more than one strong finger on their lead hand. By using the guide above, you can determine what your strong fingers are telling the rest of us about your personality!

What the gaps between your fingers reveal about your personality

In addition to which hand and which fingers are strong, the gap between your fingers is very important. In fact, the gap (or sometimes the lack thereof) may be very meaningful indeed!

To check out your own finger gap, you can either hold your hand in front of your face (make sure you are comfortable in the position) or on a surface in front of you. Take a look at the gap between your different digits.

What does this gap mean? Someone whose fingers are wide apart tends to be more independent than the average person. Additionally, this person is likely to be experimental and adventurous.

What if there isn’t much of a gap and the fingers are close together? That means you are likely to be cautious and very prudent when dealing with different people and different situations.

The space between individual fingers also matters. For example, someone with a gap between their middle and ring finger is stubborn and difficult to influence. But if those two fingers are close together, you probably like to follow the rules and keep people happy by meeting their different expectations.

What about the distance between your ring finger and your little finger? If there is a big gap, then you probably don’t like to make hard decisions or have serious discussions. If there isn’t a big gap, though, then you are likely an independent person with an adventurous soul.