10 Things Women Do Only When They’re In Love


Men often feel like they have to be psychic to understand women, and sometimes that’s almost true. Women seem to be open about sharing, but at the same time, they’re vulnerable enough to keep a lot of their feelings to themselves. However, being in love not only makes them open up, but blossom. We’ve already covered 10 Things Men Do Only When They’re In Love. Now, here are 10 things you see happen only when a woman truly loves a man.

1. She gives gifts that are tailored to you

This shows she pays attention to your likes and dislikes. She knows what bands you like and what sports teams you follow. She knows what size clothes you wear and what colors you like (and dislike). The gifts she chooses are not generic: they are for you and you alone. Because she’s happy when you’re happy. 

2. She pays no attention to other men

She may know other guys, and may have been dating them when you first came along. But as soon as she gets bitten by the love bug, the other guys fade into the background and she centers her attention on you and you alone. It’s like they no longer exist in her universe. You will know when this happens.

3. She acts like a ditz, in a good way

Is she endearingly clumsy? Does she giggle over the smallest things? Does she blush adorably? When a woman is in love she will channel her inner schoolgirl. She can’t help showing their happiness no matter how hard she tries to hide it. She can be serious when necessary but she is not afraid to have fun otherwise. Enjoy the frolic.

4. She gets self-conscious around you

The other side of the silly coin is self-consciousness. She’ll check her appearance more often, not because she’s vain, but because she wants to look perfect for you. She’ll agonize over small details because she wants to get it right. Your job is to make her feel comfortable, and to reassure her that she’s doing okay. 

5. She loves your quirks

You know that weird quirk everyone has, a thing they say or do that is unique to a person but sometimes annoys people? No matter if it’s a catch phrase or a physical act, it won’t annoy her. She loves your quirks and thinks they’re adorable. You can relax and be yourself around her because of this. Men hate it when women nag them about minor behaviors. When a woman loves you, she accepts it as part of the package.

6. She thinks about you all day long

Men don’t realize it but women think about their partners constantly. They’re always wondering what you will think of a certain thing or about an event. A woman in love can text or call frequently — but it’s not to check up on you, it’s to stay connected with you. If she can’t be near you, she’ll do the next best thing and keep you in her thoughts.

7. She uses the word ‘we’

Guys know it’s serious when they start hearing themselves referred to as part of a “we.” Dinner together is the norm, not the exception. Vacation plans are made around each other’s schedules. That doesn’t mean you can’t go and do other things separately. It’s just that from now on, it’s assumed you are a team by default.

8. She asks your advice

The other side of “we” is that when she speaks for the two of you, you are both in concert. You decide things together. She asks your opinion and sometimes even takes your counsel. Being part of a team means compromise and cohesion. Things may start going bad around you, but as long as you stand together, you feel like you can take on anything. And heaven help the person who tries to put a wedge between you.

9. She does thoughtful things for you

Sometimes it feels like when a woman loves a man he suddenly has a personal assistant built in. She’ll learn how to cook your favorite dishes. She’ll suddenly know all your close relatives’ birthdays and pick out cards for you to sign. And she may not share your hobbies but she will at least give them a good try. She wants to include you in her life and make herself useful in yours.

10. She says it out loud 

A woman in love is tentative about saying so until she’s sure about your feelings, but once you get on the same page she will plaster it all over social media. She’ll make sure people know she’s in a relationship. She will shout it to the skies if she gets a chance. When a woman is in love, the world will know it — and so will the man who loves her back.