Surprising Characteristics Men Find Attractive


Most women think they have a good handle on what men find attractive. But it turns out that what men find attractive is more complicated than most people ever imagined. If you’d like to learn the answer to “what do men find sexy,” check out the surprising truth!

A More Experienced Look

What makes a woman attractive in the eyes of a man? Conventional wisdom says that men are all about youthful good looks. The fact that so many men chase a younger woman after a divorce contributes to this stereotype.

Some men, though, actually like women who look a little bit older. Why is that? You might as well page Dr. Freud because it all goes back to their mother. Dudes born to moms who were at least 30 are likelier to be attracted to older women.

This is only one part of the surprising way that mothers influence what makes a man attracted to a woman physically.

A Familiar Hair Color/Eye Color

If you’re reading this, you’re curious about what makes a woman attractive to a guy. To get the answer for some guys, all you need to do is check out his mother!

We already covered how dudes born to older ladies may be attracted to older ladies. But here’s a fun fact: regardless of her age, guys are likelier to fall for a woman with the same hair and eye color as their mom. 

This probably has a lot to do with the way that mothers and their sons bond early on. And it affects a large number of men, so you don’t have to worry that this Oedipal connection makes a guy super weird.

A Good Personality (No, Really)

What are men attracted to? Believe it or not, a good personality is really one of the qualities.

For years, that response has been a collective cultural joke about how a woman looks. When someone doesn’t look conventionally attractive, people often joke that she has “a great personality.”

What are the aspects of a good personality that men find attractive? It can range from honesty and respect all the way to a willingness to take risks. The unifying element, though, is that a good personality tends to be positive and upbeat.

It’s the personality that wins guys over and sometimes causes them to fall in love with someone they wouldn’t otherwise find highly attractive.

Higher Voice

When you ask “what do men find attractive in a woman,” most people expect answers about physical features. However, one surprising thing that men focus on is the pitch of a woman’s voice.

Up to a certain point, men find women with a higher-pitched voice to be sexier than those without. We say “up to a certain point” because if someone sounds like a cartoon character or a helium huffer, that’s not sexy for anybody.

Why the hitch pitch? Generally speaking, higher voices connote youth and vitality. This is one of the reasons that guys often create a vivid image of how someone looks based on their voice alone.

If you’re worried that your voice is too low, don’t worry: nature has your back. You’re likelier to subconsciously talk to sexy guys with a higher pitch anyway. Furthermore, ovulation will make your voice higher, which is one reason that guys are attracted to ovulating women.

Piercings and Tattoos

Answering “what do guys find attractive” is difficult at times because men are contradictory. Take alternative appearances, for example. Many men are still turned off by unnatural hair colors (sorry, Ramona Flowers). At the same time, other alternative traits such as tattoos and piercings are considered sexy.

Generally speaking, guys still like conservative body mods. This includes tattoos on shoulders and backs and piercings on the belly button — areas that aren’t normally visible.

What’s up with the attraction to tats and piercings? Guys like “bad girls,” and they think (even on an unconscious level) that someone with tattoos and/or piercings is likelier to be down for sex.

Long Legs

What do guys look for in a woman’s appearance? Ask most women and they’ll guess a large chest, the bigger the better. You might be surprised to discover that not only do guys prefer a medium bust, but that they really focus on long legs.

Again, guys are a study in contrasts. While they like shorter women (more on this in a minute), they like women with a longer leg ratio compared to the rest of their body.

If your legs aren’t naturally on the long side, you can make them look longer with a combination of high heels and a short skirt. Just make sure you don’t end up towering over your man!

On the Shorter Side

Sometimes, stereotypes about guys end up being completely true. For example, guys like to feel like they have power and control in a relationship. For that reason, most men are attracted to women who are shorter than them.

While that may sound like a retrograde attitude, men aren’t the only ones who think this way. In fact, the average woman prefers a boyfriend who is taller than her.

Nice Hair

Hair seems like the kind of trait women are likelier to focus on than men. Nonetheless, good hair is one of the main qualities that a man looks for in a woman.

Even beyond eyes and other physical characteristics, hair is the first thing most men notice. What are they looking for in “good” hair, then? Guys prefer hair that looks clean and natural. That means that for most dudes, hair that is greasy, full of product, or dyed an unnatural shade is a turnoff.

Call it basic biology. Healthy hair means a healthy body, and guys cannot help but focus on qualities that connote health and fertility.

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