Have You Received a Letter from the IRS about Your Tax Debt?

If you owe taxes to the IRS they can levy your bank accounts, take money from your paycheck in the form of a garnishment, or even take your business or your home.

IRS Tax Debt Relief Programs for those over $10,000 in debt

Unfortunately, many Americans owe back taxes, but the IRS offers programs that can help. The Fresh Start Initiative, for example, is a government program that can potentially save you thousands and get you out of debt to the IRS.

What are Tax Debt Relief Companies?

A tax debt relief company has professionals that will work with the IRS on your behalf to get you out of debt and save you as much money as possible. Hundreds of thousands of people have used tax debt relief companies to help them eliminate or reduce tax debt. These firms can look at your situation and tell you which programs you may qualify for, and then manage the process on your behalf so that you do not need to deal with the IRS directly.

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