Outrageous Funeral Costs Could Finally Be A Thing Of The Past!
Thousands of British seniors are bucking a new trend, protecting themselves and their loved ones from rising funeral costs and potentially saving £1000's*
By Ben Edwards
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What is a funeral plan?

The rising cost of funerals has surpassed the increasing rate of inflation. A funeral plan allows you to freeze funeral costs at todays prices, whilst helping to protect your family emotionally and financially when the time comes.
If you've paid attention to any national media over the last few years, you'll be more than aware that rising funeral costs within the UK is a hot topic.

However, despite widespread television and newspaper coverage there are still thousands of Brits who are unaware as to how severe funeral costs have actually increased, resulting in those closest (namely family members and loved ones) being bitten hard in the pocket. Perhaps one of the most shocking revelations of recent months is that the unregulated funeral sector has driven funeral prices higher than the national rate of inflation.

To put that into perspective, over the past 10 years the average cost of a funeral has exceeded that of petrol prices, electricity bills and wages.

This outrageous trend had meant that the average cost of a funeral within the UK is now upwards of £4,2711, with the total cost of dying at an eyewatering £9,2042 per person.

A significant number of people recognised that funeral costs are out of control and that paying into a funeral plan can help to protect against this trend

Clearly this staggering cost is far beyond the financial reach of most people and without adequate protection, it is those closest to you who are left struggling at what is undoubtedly an already very difficult time.

Unfortunately, prices are set to rise substantially higher in years to come. Thankfully, It's not all doom and gloom and there is a fantastically simple solution to provide protection for those that you love, at a time when they need it the most: a pre-paid funeral plan.

A funeral plan helps to protect your family and loved ones against continuing, currently unregulated funeral inflation by locking in costs at todays prices. Specifically, this means that your family won't be hit unexpectedly with a significant bill at the time of need.

Funeral plans are also available to a wide demographic of people and do not prejudice against those with health conditions.

A funeral plan is a smart, arguably essential part of any sensible persons future planning and an incredible final parting gift for those who mean the most to you.

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