The Weirdest Animals In the World


The internet has come a long way since the early days of the world wide web, but one thing remains the same: people love to look at cute animals. From still images to videos, nothing lights someone’s face up quite like seeing a cute animal do something unexpected.

But what if there was an entire world of weird animals that you knew almost nothing about? To help enhance your day, we’ve compiled this list of the strangest animals in the entire world. Just be warned: after you read this, you may never look at the animal kingdom the same way again!

Dumbo octopus

In case you were curious but afraid to ask, the answer is yes: the strange Dumbo octopus really is named after the classic Disney character. That character’s large ears were very prominent, especially when he was flying, and the fins extending outward on either side of this octopus make it look a bit like Dumbo taking flight.

And if you should ever find yourself observing a Dumbo octopus, you’ll notice how much they put those fins to use by flapping them in order to move forward. Meanwhile, they use their arms to steer themselves and, quite frankly, they look adorable while they do it.

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Since “axolotl” can be difficult to pronounce, many people call this unique creature by its popular nickname, “the Mexican walking fish.” It gets this name from the unique way that it moves, but this fish has other interesting features, including the ability to regenerate most of its body parts.

Sadly, the skills in regeneration were not enough to keep these fish from nearly going extinct in their native Mexico. However, enough animal lovers have begun raising these fish as pets that the species has managed to thrive in recent years.


The echidna is another animal that many refer to by nickname instead. This unique Australian creature is sometimes called a spiny anteater, and one of the crazier facts about these creatures is that they lay eggs (an extraordinarily uncommon trait among mammals).

Another weird fact about echidnas is that many people are surprised to discover what they look like. That’s because the most famous echidna character, Knuckles, a rival-turned-ally of Sonic the Hedgehog, looks nothing like an actual echidna in the various Sonic games and movies. For that matter, though, Sonic looks nothing like an actual hedgehog.

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Goblin shark

These days, people joke about going “goblin mode,” which is usually code for acting crazy and having fun. However, nobody does goblin mode quite like the goblin shark, an impressive sea beast that can grow as much as six feet long and move through the water with stunning speed.

In addition to being the reigning champion of goblin mode, this shark is also a highly evolved predator. In fact, he is carrying on a genetic line that is more than 125 million years old!


We’re just going to say it: the blobfish looks weird. In fact, the fish has the coloration of frozen chicken breasts that you’ve left thawing for about half an hour.

The strange look, though, has everything to do with the creature’s biology. Its lack of muscles, for example, helps this fish just float on the surface of the water. To eat, it simply opens its mouth and chows down on whatever it can find in the current.

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Frill-necked lizard

If you’re a movie lover, the frill-necked lizard may weird you out. After all, it looks like the dangerous dilophosaurus dinosaur from Jurassic Park! 

Don’t worry, though. These lizards are much smaller than a dino, and they only want to eat insects. But to keep away dangerous local predators, these plucky lizards have learned how to scare away anything that might try to chow down on them.

Komondor Dog

Dog owners often joke about their canines’ haircuts making the pooch look more like a mop than a dog. Usually, this means the dog is due for a trip to the groomer. But the Komondor dog has this as his default look all the time.

This Hungarian sheepdog has corded white hair that curls up very easily. The result is that, even when they are fresh from the groomer, this dog’s hair looks like the mangiest mop you’ve ever handled.

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The aye-aye is a kind of lemur with an unforgettable look. The combination of a tiny body and giant eyes, for example, makes this nocturnal creature look like a cartoon brought to life.

And the more you learn about the aye-aye, the more you’ll appreciate how bizarre they really are. For example, this is an animal that hunts for grubs in trees, cutting holes in the wood with its incisor before grabbing its prey with a tiny middle finger. As you can tell, this world’s largest nocturnal primate is also the world’s strangest nocturnal primate.