You Won’t Believe What Scientists Found Inside This Giant Alligator


Depending on where you live, giant alligators may not be much of a going concern. This may be the type of creature you only worry about when you see it in strange “creature feature” movies, usually living in the sewers and preying on unsuspecting victims.

However, today’s story takes place in the swamps of Louisiana, which is about as far from the sewers as you can get. And the giant alligator at the heart of this story isn’t some kind of movie monster. He’s very real, and he’s at the center of a life-and-death adventure involving three brave men.

Who are these men? How did they encounter a giant alligator, and where did this adventure take them? Keep reading to discover the answers!

Three friends taking on the wilderness

This story began with three friends: David, Kevin, and Harry. They had all been tight since high school, and when they hung out together, they liked to find adventures that helped them take things to the limit.

Because they all love the great outdoors, that usually meant getting together usually involved camping, hiking, or fishing. In this case, they decided to go hiking in the swamps of Louisiana. The group thought they were ready for anything they could find while hiking.

That is, until anything came in the form of a giant alligator.

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Discovering the giant gator

What happened next really does sound like something out of a monster movie. As the unsuspecting friends were hiking the Louisiana swamps, they suddenly heard a loud splashing noise. When they decided to investigate the weird noise, though, they discovered something downright intimidating.

The source of the noise was an alligator, but not just any alligator. This creature was at least twice the size of a normal gator. At this point, most people would run fast in the opposite direction, but these friends went to get a closer look and discovered that the alligator had a large and very noticeable bulge on its body.

At this point, their course of action was clear: they were adventurers, and they decided to make getting to the bottom of this bulge their next big adventure.

A crazy plan comes together

Of the core trio, David was a bit more fearless than the other two men. And he helped to convince Harry and Kevin that their best course of action was to capture the alligator in order to figure out what was making his stomach bulge out like this.

Even though David was the one who had to talk the other fellows into investigating this mystery, it was actually fearless Kevin that decided to slowly approach the alligator. And the entire group was pleasantly surprised that the alligator didn’t put up a fight and let them get close enough to closely examine him.

At this point, they discovered a simple fact: they had no way of figuring out what this bulge was because it seemed to come from something the creature had swallowed. And speaking of swallowing, the group ended up swallowing their pride and calling a local veterinarian for assistance. 

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Calling in some professional assistance

The veterinarian arrived and was able to shed some light on this mysterious bulge. As near as this professional could tell, the bulge was being caused by something inside the alligator that was most likely attached to one of its organs.

The vet also determined that whatever the alligator had swallowed was likely hurting it (probably why it let everyone get this close to it in the first place). Finally, the vet decided to operate on the alligator and remove whatever was causing the bulge. This would save the creature’s life, but it would also provide an answer to the burning question of what the mysterious object in its body really was.

One mystery leads to another

Believe it or not, this is where this strange tale gets even stranger. It turns out that the object inside the alligator was actually part of a car. Moreover, this was a car that had been reported stolen months ago.

Against all odds, the men involved were suddenly thrust into another mystery when it turned out that the owner of the car was also reported missing around the same time. Had he been eaten by the same gator that apparently ate part of his car? It was time to find out!

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Time to rescue another life

As the group searched the swamps for any signs of the car’s lost driver, they found a hidden cabin. When they explored it, they found the man they were looking for. He was still alive, and he told them an incredible story about getting into a car accident and ending up having to survive in the swamp.

He was able to stay alive by scavenging for food around him, but he wasn’t in great shape. The hikers decided to bring him back to town where he could receive medical attention, but that meant they had to basically lift his dead weight all the way from the cabin where he was discovered back through all of the dangers of the swamps (which, as they now knew, was filled with giant alligators).

Finally, they got the driver to a hospital, and he was treated for dehydration and malnourishment. The hikers who saved him were rightfully praised as heroes, and only time will tell if these three brave men will ever face a bigger challenge in their future adventures.