The Horrific True Story of the 12-foot Snake Who Came Through the Toilet


What if a creepy critter came up through your toilet when you were least expecting it?

For most of us, this is the kind of nightmare scenario that we’d be likelier to see in a horror film than in our own lives. However, one family recently lived through this unthinkable scenario when a 12-foot snake came through their toilet and gave them the fright of their lives.

Why was the snake in there in the first place? Was anybody hurt, and is this sneaky snake still at large? Keep reading to find out!

A Thailand tale of terror

While snakes come into homes via the toilet in countries all around the world (there’s a comforting thought), this particular incident took place in Thailand. Specifically, it took place in the humble province of Samut Prakan, and the incident may have changed one family’s life forever.

That day began like any other in the Paramas household. Housewife Suwi Paramas didn’t have any reason to expect a home invasion from Mother Nature when she got up that morning. But while washing her hands in the bathroom, she had a close encounter of the “hiss” kind!

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A monstrous snake makes his appearance

In our opinion, any snake suddenly popping up from the toilet would be very scary. In this case, though, the fright factor was increased due to the sheer size of the animal. It wasn’t just any snake that Suwi Paramas encountered in her bathroom: it was, in fact, a 12-foot-long colossal python.

Already, this story has become nightmare fuel for us. Who wants to think about a giant snake sneaking into their bathroom via the toilet? At least Paramas can take cold comfort from the fact she sighted the snake while washing her hands. If it had appeared while she was actually using the toilet, this story might have had a completely different ending.

Calling for professional help

To hear her tell the story, Suwi Paramas was nearly out of her mind with fear when she first saw the snake. Fortunately for her and her entire family, though, she had the presence of mind to call emergency services to help deal with the situation.

Thanks to that phone call, a wildlife crew was soon dispatched to deal with the giant snake. Having professionals dealing with the problem didn’t really make the fear go away, though: Paramas says that she couldn’t even look while they were capturing the snake. The capture took time, too, as it required them to dismantle the entire toilet.

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Why was the snake in the toilet in the first place?

The very idea of a 12-foot snake coming into the toilet may seem unthinkable. At this point in the story, you might be asking the same question that Suwi Paramas was asking: just why the heck was the snake in the toilet in the first place? The answer has to do with the location and the season as well as the nature of pythons.

In Thailand, it frequently gets very hot. While humans generally dislike the heat, cold-blooded snakes positively hate it, and they have developed a solution that is as practical to them as it is scary to everyone else: they hide themselves in the coldest, wettest areas they can find (like in this picture above of a different Thailand snake incident). To the python that invaded the Paramas’ home, hiding in the toilet was simply the best option for beating the heat!

A happy ending for everyone involved

We’re happy to report that this scary story had a much happier ending than we were expecting. For one thing, Suwi Paramas didn’t get bit by the snake whatsoever. Her quick thinking ensured that it didn’t have a chance to bite any of her family members, and the snake also didn’t do any harm to any of the wildlife crew on the screen.

Speaking of the wildlife crew, they were able to get the snake out without harming it, and they later managed to return the python to his natural habitat. Ultimately, everyone was relieved at how smoothly this incident wrapped up, especially when it could have easily been much worse.

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The entire incident could have been much worse

Most of us say phrases like “it could have been worse” as a kind of empty phrase to make someone feel better, especially after something bad has happened. However, nobody needs to convince Suwi Paramas that things could have been worse because Thailand has given her plenty of reminders!

In 2016, a snake came into a man’s bathroom and ended up biting him in the genitals. In 2021, another snake entered another restroom and ended up biting a man. Given how these two incidents involved scary attacks from snake to man, we’re happy that Suwi, her family, and the wildlife crew escaped unscathed.