5 Easy Home Remedies For Amyloidosis


What if handling amyloidosis was easier than you think?

As you may already know, amyloidosis is a relatively rare disease in which your organs continue building up with amyloids. This can affect your body in a number of dramatic ways, and the lack of recognizable symptoms makes this disease difficult to diagnose.

Sadly, there is currently no cure for amyloidosis, but there are ways to treat it and improve your quality of life. In fact, some of the best remedies for your amyloidosis are things you can start doing right now at home.

What, then, are the best remedies for amyloidosis? Keep reading to find out!

Eat Omega-3 foods

Many of the most reliable home remedies for amyloidosis involve changes to your diet. To start with, you should consider adding more Omega-3 foods to your regular diet. This includes walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, and linseed oil.

What is the goal of changing your diet in this way? Basically, foods with Omega-3 content can help keep the amyloids in your body from affecting your heart and your circulatory system. By preventing amyloidosis from reaching any further in your body, you can slow its progress and reduce the appearance of annoying and unwanted symptoms.

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Consume more heart-healthy foods

While amyloidosis can affect many different organs in your body, the heart is often its primary target. When something affects your heart, it doesn’t take long for it to negatively affect the rest of your body. However, you can fight back and protect your heart by adding more heart-healthy foods to your diet.

Nuts and seeds are good for your heart, as are walnuts and leafy greens. Beans, tomatoes, and avocados are heart-healthy foods, as are garlic and onions. And if you have something of a sweet tooth, here’s some good news: dark chocolate is great for your heart’s overall health.

All of this goes a long way toward helping you embrace a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet that can help fight off amyloidosis and improve your overall health. To maximize the benefits of this new diet, make sure you are also getting sufficient potassium by regularly eating dried fruit, oranges, bananas, and prunes.

Go on a high-fiber diet

Shot of a young woman making a healthy snack with fruit at home

By now, you’ve probably noticed that most of the home remedies for helping you fight amyloidosis involve changes to your diet. And we have one last dietary recommendation to help you in your fight: going on a high-fiber diet.

The reason such a diet is important is that amyloidosis has been known to dramatically affect the body’s gastrointestinal tract. When this happens, you may experience a keen loss of appetite as well as various issues related to irritable bowels.

When you go on a high-fiber diet, it naturally improves your digestive health. That’s why you should begin regularly consuming more beets, whole-grain bread, spinach, bananas, carrots, nuts, seeds, brown rice, raspberries, and mangoes.

If you’ve been trying to drop a few pounds, you might be surprised at how much improving your digestive health can help with that. Another way this change in diet helps you lose weight is that fiber keeps you feeling fuller for a longer time, meaning you’re less likely to reach for snacks in the middle of the night!

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Wear compression stockings

Not all the home remedies for amyloidosis involve what you eat. In fact, one of our favorite remedies involves something completely different: what you wear!

One of the more annoying side effects of amyloidosis is your legs and feet swelling up. The reason that this happens is that the disease makes your body retain more water than it normally would. In addition to being very annoying, this often results in large amounts of pain for those who suffer from amyloidosis.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to alleviate this pain is to wear compression stockings or compression socks. Such stockings are available over the counter, so you have plenty of options to choose from. And don’t be afraid to ask your doctor about which stockings would be best for you and your body.

In addition to the stockings, it’s important to keep blood circulating in your feet, and foot massages are a perfect way to do so. Unless you have a partner who regularly offers foot rubs, we recommend investing in a foot massage machine.

Get more rest

Tired single woman resting on the bed of a hotel room or home

Sometimes, the best advice has been right in front of you all along. And when it comes to amyloidosis, one of the best ways you can fight it is by getting enough sleep each night.

Getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep each night is crucial so that your organs have time to recover from the strains and stresses of the day. However, many people get caught up in work, hobbies, and even family time which keeps them from getting enough sleep.

By adjusting your routines to get more sleep, you’re doing more than changing your lifestyle. You’re also changing your life for the better.

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