8 Ways To Boost Your Immune System


Avoiding COVID-19 is a matter of following CDC guidelines, including social distancing, disinfecting surfaces, and washing your hands often. (See 6 Ways To Prevent Catching COVID-19 Coronavirus). You cannot prevent COVID-19 through supplements or small lifestyle changes alone.

But if you’re looking for general tips on how to strengthen your immune system, we’ve got them right here. Here are eight easy tips you can start using today to boost your immune system!

Get enough sleep

You already have the biggest immune system booster in your home. What are we talking about? Your bed!

Getting a minimum of six hours of sleep each night can help you ward off the common cold. Conversely, pulling too many all-nighters can really put your immune system at risk.

To play it safe, try to aim for seven hours each night. Avoid the blue light emissions of your TV and cellphone by either turning the devices off or donning special glasses that keep such light from affecting your body.

Eat foods that boost immune system

Do you like to eat? Who doesn’t! And it turns out that eating certain dishes can actually boost your immune system in a big way.

For example, citrus fruits (think oranges, lemons, and limes) are really good for your immune system. That’s because these fruits are full of Vitamin C. Spinach is another great source of Vitamin C, and it also has some immunity-boosting antioxidants.

Almonds are a healthy snack that are just as good for your immune system as your hunger. That’s because the Vitamin E inside is great for immunity. On top of that, almonds also have plenty of healthy fats your body needs.

Believe it or not, chicken is also good for your immune system. The Vitamin B-6 in poultry helps your body produce new red blood cells and helps keep you healthy.

Increase healthy fats

Earlier, we mentioned how you should eat almonds because they are a good source of healthy facts. If you’re still wondering how to build immune system up, you should focus on increasing your healthy fats consumption.

The main reason for this is that healthy fats decrease inflammation throughout your body. Such inflammation can hurt your immune system while increasing your risk of things like heart disease and diabetes.

You can get even more healthy fats from salmon, which is an all-around awesome food. And salmon makes for good brain food, meaning you’ll be both smarter and healthier.

Embrace antioxidants

“How to improve immune system,” you ask? One of the best moves you can make is to really embrace antioxidants.

Much like healthy fats, antioxidants do a good job of decreasing inflammation in your body. That’s because they help fight the free radicals that are hurting your body, particularly your immune system.

To get more antioxidants, you simply need to consume more whole plant foods. That means things like fruits, veggies, and nuts. In addition to boosting your immune system, this kind of healthy diet is great for helping you shed those pounds.

Get your exercise

When it comes to shedding pounds, Plan A for most people is getting more exercise. But would you believe that exercise can also enhance your immune system?

Just a little bit of brisk exercise can help reduce inflammation throughout the body for everyone. And if your immune system has already been compromised in some way, that same exercise can help make any vaccines you take that much more effective.

Don’t worry: you don’t suddenly have to start living at the gym to enjoy these benefits. Instead, you can aim for things like jogging or simply walking briskly for an hour and a half (or more) per week.

Use probiotic supplements

Here’s one word that will transform both your immune system and your overall health outlook: probiotics.

Probiotics help to stimulate a more robust gut bacteria inside your body. This boosts your immune system because it helps your body determine which cells are healthy and which are dangerous.

You can achieve these benefits with probiotic supplements. If you want to get such benefits via food, though, you can consume fermented foods such as yogurt, kimchi, and even sauerkraut.

Drink enough water

There are plenty of reasons for you to stay hydrated. For example, it helps you ward off everything from headaches to digestive problems to bad mood.

While none of these things link directly to your immune system, all of it ties directly to your overall health. And if dehydration compromises your overall health, your immune system is negatively impacted as well.

There is no “magic amount” of water to drink each day, but you should hydrate enough that your urine is either pale yellow or clear. Really dark urine is a sign you aren’t getting enough water.

Reduce your stress levels

No one likes to feel stressed out, including your body. Stress can throw your immune balance out of whack, and longer periods of stress can even lead to inflammation throughout your body.

Everybody manages and reduces stress differently. You may be able to reduce stress levels through meditation, yoga, exercise, journaling, or therapy.

In addition to having better immunity, being stress-free will also make you much happier. And that’s always a good thing!

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