Ridiculous T-Shirt Fails That People Actually Wore In Public


Every time you go shopping, you probably see some crazy t-shirts for sale. If you’re like us, you find yourself asking a simple question: “does anybody actually wear these things?”

As it turns out, the answer is yes. We’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous t-shirt fails that people have actually worn out into the wild.

From cringe to crazy, these t-shirts are beautifully insane. And if you find yourself quietly placing a shirt order after reading, we won’t judge you!

Marathon inspiration

This custom shirt helps this marathon runner inspire others in a very funny way. And it’s very effective: just looking at him in this shirt makes us want to go run a mile or two.

She just loves higher education

For better or for worse, most people still associate going to college with getting smarter. This funny t-shirt takes the wind out of that assumption with the amusingly-misspelled “collage” in place of “college.” If you rock this one in public, though, just be prepared for a bunch of “corrections” from people who don’t get the joke!

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Big ranch fan

Ever worry that you don’t love salads and buffalo wings so much as you love the taste of ranch dressing? In that case, this strange shirt helps you share your passion with the world.

Fair warning

When someone is often clumsy or dangerous, it’s only fair to give other people a warning. That’s exactly what this shirt does, although this young man’s bandaged hand sends a very similar message.

Hotter than you

This is one of those perfect synergies between the shirt and the shirt-wearer. We have the annoyed older woman sporting a t-shirt telling the world she’s hotter than us. And she even calculated her increased hotness, making this t-shirt burn insanely precise.

A message to the haters

Ever want to send your haters a perfect message but you’re not sure how to do it? This t-shirt may do the trick. The “hi hater” and “bye hater” combo was already funny enough, but the fact that it’s a crop top on a cranky dude is really sending us.

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The perfect couple’s shirt

There are plenty of t-shirts out there meant to be worn by couples. Most of them are silly visual jokes, like a shirt that says “stupid” that matches an “I’m with stupid” shirt. But this shirt pairing that identifies who is confident and who is insecure in the relationship may be our new favorite pairing.

Testing the waters

If you’re into anything weird, it can be difficult to find people with similar interests, especially if you don’t want to drive the normies away. This hilarious shirt serves as an icebreaker that might just help you find some like-minded friends (no matter what weird thing you’re into).

A year in review

We wanted 2020 to be over well before New Year’s rolled around. With this funny t-shirt, you can at least look back on that awful year and laugh. It beats crying, at least.

Granny keeps it real

Old ladies often have a reputation for being sweet and friendly. However, this granny bought the kind of t-shirt that is perfect for keeping other people far, far away from her.

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Large and in charge

Sometimes, bigger guys and gals feel a bit self-conscious in their clothing. However, this t-shirt helps unlock the kind of confidence in our bodies we didn’t even think was possible!

He’s got connections

We all know at least one person who got where they are because of who they know rather than what they can do. And this t-shirt would be the perfect gift to send that person to help bring them back down to reality.

Fun and functional

Most of these t-shirts aren’t really good for anything but making somebody laugh. But this sweat-activated shirt lets hard workers know they can finally leave the gym. If you can’t read the secondary text, it’s time to hop back onto that elliptical!

Be different (like everyone else)

By itself, a single “be different” shirt seems like one of those harmless-but-annoying inspirational messages. When everyone starts wearing the same shirt, though, this goes from inspirational to ironic, and we can’t stop laughing at these not-so-different people guys.

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Fun and flirty

Do you find yourself writing stuff like “fun and flirty” on your online dating bios? In that case, this playful shirt may be the perfect thing. Once you land a boyfriend, though, you better make sure he has a good sense of humor.

Heading in a new direction

This shirt manages to squeeze a couple of fun gags in. We really enjoyed “The Sexy Face” in place of “The North Face.” But the “never stop studying” bit is what transformed our smile into a big belly laugh.

Living up to the legend

We already loved the t-shirt spelling out that this older fellow would rather take a nap than go to a party (mostly because we feel the same way). But the shot of him actually taking a nap while wearing the shirt makes this image really next-level.

Shirt inception

First, a t-shirt is a simple and direct way for a pregnant woman to stop getting questions about when the baby is due. Second, we love the fact that she turned this into a “shirt Inception” moment that captures a shirt within a shirt. Maybe if you do shirt Inception enough, Leonardo DiCaprio eventually shows up?

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Managing expectations

There is something instantly funny about a schlubby person wearing a shirt specifying that he only dates models. The fact that the t-shirt looks dirty and greasy makes things even funnier.

Confidence meets arrogance

On one hand, “do I make you look fat” is a pretty funny line. On the other hand, we’re pretty sure if we wore this in public, somebody would slap the taste out of our mouths!