8 Surprising Dos and Don’ts To Ensure A Happy Relationship


What if the best way to preserve your relationship was completely unexpected?

When it comes to maintaining happy relationships, most couples understand basic concepts such as communicating different needs and desires to one another. And loving and supporting each other through the good times and the bad seems easy enough.

However, unexpected breakups happen all the time, even to couples that seem head over heels for each other. And if you want to avoid breaking up, check out these unexpected and downright taboo ways to ensure a happy relationship! Here are eight surprising dos and don’ts to keep you and your partner happy together.

1. Don’t sleep in the same bed

Couples generally think that sleeping in the same bed is a foundation of intimacy. Spending a whole night next to each other can make you feel truly tuned into one another.

Unless, of course, one person snores. Or the other person hogs the covers. Or maybe both of you had too much caffeine and will spend the entire night tossing and turning!

It’s reality, it’s perfectly fine to sleep in separate beds or separate bedrooms. The simple truth is that each person is likely to get a better night’s sleep. And that means each of you will be in a better mood once you wake up.

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2. Do talk about past relationships

For many couples, talking about past relationships is a major taboo. Partners often worry that these discussions may lead to feelings of jealousy and resentment that really poison the relationship.

However, as long as you can avoid comparing your current partner to past partners, conversations about your previous relationships can help you both grow. If you both openly discuss what you learned, you can strengthen your current relationship together.. And the fact that you can talk about previous partners together without making each other jealous helps prove how strong your current relationship really is.

3. Don’t spend all your time together

Generally speaking, doing things together as a couple helps strengthen your relationship. This can include everything from having a movie night to sneaking off to the beach for a summer weekend getaway.

But if you spend too much time with one another, one (or both) of you may start to feel crowded. And because you and your partner probably have your own separate hobbies and interests, too much time together means neither one of you can follow their own passions very closely.

Our advice? Find a balance between fun shared activities and solo downtime. If nothing else, you’ll have some new things to talk about once you reconnect!

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4. Do discuss money matters

Growing up, you probably heard that it is impolite to discuss money. And this mentality may extend to your relationships as well. However, consider this: disputes over money are a driving force behind many breakups and divorces. In fact, CNBC reported that if one partner thinks the other is bad with money, that couple is 10 times likelier to break up!

If you really want to build a future with someone, you need to speak openly and honestly about money. You can discuss whether you will have separate or shared bank accounts, how to budget for trips, how to best invest money, and so on. By building a better financial future together, the two of you can strengthen your romantic future as well.

5. Don’t text each other all the time

On paper, smartphones are a great communication tool for couples. Even if one partner is half a world away from the other partner, each person can send and receive text messages at the touch of a button.

But the truth is that the more you communicate like this, the less you have to say when you actually see each other. By not texting each other so much, you can help to preserve the spark of your relationship and actually have a lot to talk about over dinner!

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6. Do eat different meals from each other

Part of what makes relationships so great is sharing different interests with each other. The fact that each of you has your own tastes helps keep the passion alive. But you can actually hurt that passionate connection if you insist on pushing your dietary preferences on your partner!

According to Yahoo!, deciding what to eat for dinner is at the center of most fights within couples. This includes arguments about where to eat, when to eat, and other dietary preferences (such as one partner wanting to try a vegetarian or keto diet and the other partner not wanting to do this). In fact, the average couple argues three times a week over where to eat, or 156 times a year!

The solution is simple: it’s okay for you to eat different meals from your partner. Whether that means cooking your meals separately, ordering in from two different restaurants, or not going out to dinner together every time, it’s better to end up eating separately than separating altogether.

7. Don’t go on every vacation together

You’re probably familiar with the phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” But did you know this philosophy can extend to your trips and vacations as well?

Most couples assume they have to go on major trips and vacations together. And if you only get to take such a journey once a year, we certainly recommend you go together. But if you have the time and money, you may be surprised at how much separate vacations and outings bring you closer together as a couple.

Why? Because these separate trips help you each explore your own passions. Maybe one of you is an art lover who wants to visit every art gallery and the other one is a music fiend who just wants to rock out at a killer concert. Instead of always compromising, helping one another pursue passionate hobbies can lead to a much more passionate relationship.

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8. Do keep separate social circles

Over the course of your relationship, there is going to be some definite “friend overlap.” This happens when the two of you are regularly hanging out with each other and your social circle starts to merge.

However, keep in mind you are under no obligation to have the same set of friends. In fact, you will grow closer as a couple if you have some separate circles of friends. Having separate social circles can help each member of the couple explore things like a girl’s weekend or a mountain retreat with the fellows.

Believe it or not, spending time apart like this will help you and your partner enjoy the time you spend together that much more. And separate circles can help you keep things fresh each week when you try to find something to do. Once you reconnect with your partner, the two of you can bond as you fill each other in on the fun you had with your own friends!