This Is The Actual Number Of Brides Who Cheat At Their Bachelorette Party


What if what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas?

In Las Vegas and beyond, women who are about to be married celebrate with one last party as a single woman. These bachelorette parties are known for getting pretty wild, especially when the bride-to-be gets too much alcohol in her.

Sometimes things go further, though, and the bride-to-be ends up cheating on her fiancé. But how many women actually do this? What is considered cheating, and how can you keep it from happening to you? Keep reading to discover the answers!

How many brides-to-be actually cheat at the bachelorette party?

It was difficult to track down how many brides cheat at their bachelorette parties. However, the Static Brain Research Institute decided to find out. As it turns out, 2.6% of brides cheat on their fiancés at the bachelorette party.

If that number seems a little low, it may be an issue of honesty. When the Institute reports that only 2.6% of brides cheat at their own bachelorette party, this represents only how many women volunteered this information on a survey. Chances are someone who is willing to lie to their husband for years about what happened at their bachelorette party, they are more than willing to lie on a survey.

Another thing that makes the actual number difficult to calculate may surprise you. As it turns out, “cheating” can mean very different things to very different people!

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“Cheating” means different things to different people

When we imagine someone cheating on their fiancé at a bachelorette party, we tend to imagine someone initiating or taking part in a sexual act. However, individual definitions of “cheating” are not always so clear-cut.

For example, Bustle reports that psychologist and relationship expert Gregory Kushnick defines cheating very broadly. “A universal definition of cheating is less important than what a couple jointly defines as constituting a deviation from the agreement,” he said. Elaborating on this point, Kushnick continued that “Cheating can be physical, emotional, and/or digital. Cheating involves channeling sexual energy or deep, emotional support toward someone who could potentially represent a sexual partner.”

With this in mind, one partner may think of cheating in explicit physical terms (like the bride hooking up with someone at the bachelorette party). Another partner may be worried about the emotional aspect of cheating (maybe the bride gets a little too into dancing with a handsome stranger at the bachelorette party).

According to Kushnick, the hallmark of most forms of cheating is that it “involves some form of deceit and neglect of your partner’s needs.” And a bride might be likelier to lie about a bachelorette party. As Online Gambling reports, 31% of people believe that the rules surrounding bachelor and bachelorette parties could be bent (but not broken), which leads to various forms of flirtatious behavior.

What motivates brides to cheat at the bachelorette party?

Whether you’re the victim of cheating or just someone hearing about someone else’s infidelity, you end up asking the same question: “why?” With that in mind, what prompts the brides-to-be to cheat during their bachelorette parties?

Unfortunately, there are several possible answers to that. Just as some men are serial cheaters, some women are, too. These tend to be the kind of people who cheat both before and during their marriages.

For most women who cheat, though, the answer is more psychological in nature. If someone is already getting cold feet about not being single anymore, a night that is all about partying like a single person can send them flying into a strange man’s arms. Other women who didn’t have cold feet before might be pleasantly surprised at getting romantic attention from male strangers, making them question whether they want to settle down with just one man.

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How many grooms cheat at their bachelor party?

So far, we have been focusing on the brides-to-be who fool around a bit at their own bachelorette parties. Let’s turn the tables: just how many men cheat at their bachelor parties?

In 2014, Men’s Health reported the results of a British survey. According to those results, a shocking one-third of all grooms end up cheating during their bachelor parties. But don’t expect them to be honest: according to the same survey, 92% of those men who cheat during their bachelor parties never fess up about the infidelity to their spouses.

There are many reasons why someone might cheat. Fortunately, there are also many ways to keep your partner from doing it to you.

How to keep your partner from cheating before the wedding

Here’s some good news: the secret weapon to keep your partner from cheating before the wedding is the same thing that will keep you both happy during the marriage. That’s right: we’re talking about communication.

First, get all the important details about the upcoming bachelor or bachelorette party. Where will your partner be going, and who will they be going with? This will keep things like a wild trip to Vegas from being a surprise to you!

Second, make sure you know and trust who your partner is going with. Sometimes, otherwise good people can be peer-pressured into cheating thanks to toxic friends. If your partner is planning to take a toxic friend to the party, you need to know about it.

Third, and finally, you need to set firm boundaries and expectations about the party. For example, you might permit strippers to be there so long as your partner promises no physical contact (such as lap dances or kissing). Whatever your boundaries, communicating them ahead of the party is the easiest and most effective way of keeping your partner from violating them.

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