The Horrifying Snake Pit One Man Discovered Contains a Shocking Hidden Secret


If you really sympathize with Indiana Jones when he asks “why did it have to be snakes,” then you might think having to enter into a snake pit in an exotic forest would already be scary enough. However, for one man, clearing out snake pits in the Amazon was just another day at work…at least, until one fateful day when he discovered a shocking secret that put his life in serious danger.

Just what did he discover in that snake pit? Did he manage to escape with his life, and did the threat he discovered deep within the forest put others in danger? Keep reading to find out!

Just another day in the Amazon, or was it?

Our story begins with a man named Kevin. He worked for an employer that gave him the job most of us would need serious hazard pay for: clearing out snake pits within the Amazon rainforest.

Kevin was good at his job, and he certainly knew his way around snakes. But as soon as he peeked inside this particular pit, he knew he had a difficult task. Not only because the pit was filled with snakes, but there was one area inside the pit which they seemingly didn’t want to leave.

There were legends about the locals worshiping snakes, but Kevin had to put those legends out of his mind. He had a job to do, and he called for backup to help him do it.

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Gearing up to remove the snakes

When Kevin’s backup arrived, they did more than offer him moral support. They also brought him the gear he was going to need in order to clear out this slithering snake pit without getting hurt or even killed.

Part of the gear included special protective clothing. As you might expect, the biggest danger of clearing out snake pits is getting bitten. The specialized clothes would help to protect Kevin, and he was also given special arrows he could use to numb the snakes without killing them.

On paper, it all sounds very easy: numb the snakes, move the snakes, and get paid. But it didn’t take long for Kevin to discover this job was like nothing he had ever done before!

Running into trouble with the locals

As he proceeded deeper into the snake pit, Kevin naturally focused his attention on the threats posed by snakes, especially because he quickly discovered that he wouldn’t be able to numb all of them. But as he descended further, he began to worry about the very human threats he might face within the rainforest.

Specifically, he began thinking about the locals who allegedly worshiped the snakes. If they found out that he had hurt or even disturbed these creatures, Kevin would have to face even more dangers once he left the pit.

Soon, though, Kevin discovered something in the pit that he had never before encountered, and it made his job infinitely more difficult.

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A shocking secret hidden inside the pit

At the bottom of the pit at last, Kevin discovered a giant snake. By now, a small crowd had formed to watch him go to work, and yet everyone was stunned into silence by the size of the snake. And it was also clear at a glance that this huge snake had a correspondingly huge bulge inside its body.

Keep in mind that it was Kevin’s job to safely remove these snakes without hurting them, so he made a quick call to a veterinarian about the bulge. And the vet gave it to him straight: what he was looking at right now was a very large and very pregnant snake that could give birth at any moment.

It had taken so much time and effort for Kevin to make it to the bottom of the pit. Now, though, he knew that his life depended on how quickly he could get back out!

A race against time (and venom)

Remember when we said that Kevin was stunning the snakes as he slowly descended into the pit? Sedating them in that way makes it easier to remove them later, and it also reduced the risk of Kevin getting bitten and filled with deadly venom (because Kevin needs enough mobility to move in and out of the pit, his protective clothing just isn’t thick enough to protect him from every set of fangs).

Now, though, Kevin was at the bottom of the pit with a giant pregnant snake that was about to give birth to dozens of babies. Things were getting dangerous now: baby snakes bite even quicker than adults do, and nobody knew what the mother snake would do if she thought Kevin or anyone else was threatening her new babies.

Fortunately, Kevin made it out of the pit in time, and he was able to witness the mama snake giving birth to a whopping 73 babies. Once he told his boss what happened, his boss gave him the good news and bad news: he no longer had to clear out the pit, but he also wasn’t going to get paid.

As for Kevin, though, he was just happy to escape with his life!

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